Friday, April 13, 2018


Also...collect memories, not things.

And whatever you do....Enjoy The Journey!

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!  We (ok, not me so much), are packing to get on the road for the next 6 or so months in our motorhome which we have called home for over 10 years .  SOOOO, you say, shouldn't be too much packing if you live there already!?  One of the best parts about RVing is we don't have to pack a suitcase and we sleep in OUR own bed every night. 

This is the umpteenth year teaching ARTitude Adjustment painting classes while we travel during the summer and RV patiently packs so much stuff for me to won't fit in the car either.

Family Motor Coach Association International Rally
ARTitude Adjustment Class
Perry, GA - March 2018
Adopt This and Travel With Us

But there are some paints....that shouldn't be stored in the hot car.  They go in the compartment under the motorhome in places we store other "stuff".  Humans have a way of accumulating stuff.  I easily fit into the category of craft and art supply hoarder.  You never know when you are going to need some of the nifty things you can create and carry around.

This season has been extra busy for both of us.  RV spent most of the season rehabilitating and nursing me back to good health.  Not until the third bout of pneumonia did we realize it was all about allergies - probably due to pollen and oak trees in our back yard.  We both got sick of me being sick.  The good news is I'm well now!

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
Bob and Marty's Back Yard

I had to break it to the cattle and Toby (our pet horse)...."We're leaving again!"

While all this was going on we tried to lead a normal life, whatever "normal" means.  This was a very busy year at Florida Grande - I was Chairman of the Activities Committee and teaching ARTitude Adjustment as well.  This was a year of awesome creativeness with my ARTitude Adjustment painting class and I increased what I offered in classes by becoming a Designer with Chalk Couture.  

While we prepare to leave our friends and families these next few months we will be in touch in so many ways, including this blog.  I will be teaching ARTitude Adjustment painting classes at several RV rallies and we will be traveling in territory we have not traveled before.   We are wishing you safe travels and hope you enjoy your journey, wherever it may be. RV and MH

We have many Oooohs and Aaahhs sunsets as well as sunrises
at Florida Grande....Big Sky!  This was a sunrise last week.

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