Friday, November 5, 2021


Lot 7 - Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort 
Webster, FL

There may have been times I could have posted to our blog during the pandemic but it just wasn't possible.  Like many of you I felt I didn't have much to say about anything while we waited around to see what would happen next.  So now, it's been almost 2 years and I have some things to say.

RV began having issues with his left eye during the pandemic and he endured 6 eye surgeries within a year's time period.  We put a lot of faith and trust in our ophthalmologist and cornea specialists, and tried to ask the questions to get the answers to what would be the best thing to do next.   


His eye surgeries took place about an hour south of Webster in Tampa, FL so there were numerous times of checks, rechecks, pre-ops, and post ops and then surgery.  Finally, after a successful partial cornea transplant RV's vision is improved; however, if you were to ask him if he would do it all over again, he would say he would have to think about it.

After 14 years of full timing in our RV we have decided to go to the next chapter of our adventure book.  We are selling our Tiffin Allegro Bus (our Wheel Estate), our lot and suite at Florida Grande, and our car which is equipped with one of the most reliable towing systems available.  

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort - Webster, FL

Our 2007 Allegro Bus 40QSP

9684 SE 47th Way - Webster, FL

Lincoln MKX - our tow car

We feel positive about our decision even though we are sad to leave a lifestyle many don't have an opportunity to experience, especially for as long as we did!  We would do it all over again without any hesitation!  Want to buy our coach?   Update: Suite, Coach and car sold in less than 48 hours)

Sunrise - Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort - Webster, FL

Our memories and the thousands of pictures (and this blog) will remind us of the hundreds of new friends we have made. 
Tiffin Travelers - Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort

Evelyn Wolf, Marty and Sandy Gallup

Clay and Frances Croom

Florida Grande Friends in Middlebury, IN

Ronnie and Marianne DiGiglia

Florida Grande friends in Celina, OH


 Our full time RV lifestyle accomplished what we set out to do and that is "see as much of America as we could".   We've been blessed!

Barn Quilt near King Ferry, NY

Field of Dreams - Dyersville, IA

Sulphur, LA near Lake Charles, LA

Indianapolis International Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

Knapp Berry Farm - Ithaca, NY

Regretfully, it is sad for me to have to discontinue the monthly ARTitude Adjustment painting classes that I've taught at Florida Grande (for 10 years) as well as all over the country while we traveled to RV rallies, but while we were quarantined for the pandemic I completed a digital course in Adobe Illustrator on my Mac Book Pro and learned how to do surface pattern design.  

Activity and ARTitude Adjustment Classroom - Florida Grande

My plans are to work from my home studio and license designs for fabrics, stationary, calendars, gift wrapping paper, home decor, etc. wherever we locate.  Occasionally, I hope to teach a class or teach art classes over the internet.  

Thank you again for following our travels these last 14 years. We've been blessed by your comments and suggestions.  Your friendship, prayers and genuine concern have been especially appreciated during this time and lifted us in the darkest days.   Just know we are optimistic and look forward to the next chapter where we plan to relocate back to the Jacksonville/Green Cove Springs area.

Bob and Marty Whitney

Sunsets from our back yard - Lot 7
Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort, Webster, FL

Monday, December 16, 2019


"Life rocks when your living room rolls!"
Our home - 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus

We feel qualified to say "full-timing" as an RVer has been a blessing to us in many ways.  Before we began this somewhat nomadic lifestyle it seemed possible we would be able to see America the Beautiful on our terms and enjoy the freedom of traveling when we wanted and where we wanted.

We've traveled about 75,000 miles to see
America The Beautiful

We are back in our winter base in Webster, Florida, at the Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort, a Class A motorhome resort in a very rural part of old central Florida.

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
Webster, FL

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
Highway 478 - Webster, FL

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort - Webster, FL

Webster is famous for having the oldest continuously running flea market in the state which began around the 1930's!  Our motorhome is one of about 200 lots on 275 acres sandwiched between 2 certified black angus ranches. 

Certified Black Angus 

Our neighbors are usually black and beautiful cows and are well cared for.

"Toby" A Welsh Pony comes around every day

A Welsh Pony (Toby), comes to our fence in the afternoon for apples and peppermints who roams freely with the cattle.

ARTitude Adjustment - It's FUN art...not FINE art!

We've owned a lot at Florida Grande for 10 years.  For 8 years I have taught a painting class each month called ARTitude Adjustment.  My husband and I travel to RV resorts, RV organizations, RV manufacturer rallies and RV rallies throughout the United States where I also offer ARTitude Adjustment painting classes.  My particular brand is that I teach "FUN art....not FINE art". The purpose of each class is to paint, have a good time, and make new friends!  We definitely do that!

ARTitude Adjustment - painted wooden Christmas spindles 

Painted wooden spoons and Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments
ARTitude Adjustment
Every weekday I present about a 30 minute "LIVE" tutorial on Monday through Fridays at 3:00 pm EST on my Facebook business page called ARTitude Adjustment by Marty Whitney.  Presenting the LIVE tutorials enable me to reach a very large audience as well as attract people who are interested in learning more about new products and painting techniques - in a very relaxed setting.  In a few years I will offer online classes on a monthly basis and build a community of like-minded members.  I hope you will join sometime!

America The Beautiful
Right now we enjoy our travels very much.  I will continue to blog, and I hope if you would like to follow us, or my business page, we welcome you.  If you have any questions about the RV lifestyle, we are always available to discuss this exciting way to live!

America The Beautiful

Merry Christmas from Bob and Marty - 2019
Until next time we hope you have a blessed holiday and Merry Christmas from Bob and Marty Whitney!