Wednesday, December 4, 2013


After we returned to our winter domicile in Webster, FL at the Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort, we were immediately so busy that there was no time to relax.  We weren't supposed to be too busy to continue our blog, so we've got to make some adjustments.

One of the activities I enjoy when we return to Florida Grande is teaching a couple of painting classes.  Last year I learned silk scarf painting techniques from a friend, Janet Roelle, from Michigan.  We held our first class on November 13, and it was so interesting we've scheduled another class.  Silk scarf painting is fun because you produce an original that no one else will ever duplicate. 
Silk Scarf Class - Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort

Silk Scarf Class - Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
 There are a couple of reasons I have continued to teach the painting class for almost 5 years.  One reason is that it is ALWAYS fun, and two, I really enjoy the talented people who come to the class.   It's so enjoyable I would do it for free!  Our once a month class is fun, and filled with lots of laughter.  We usually have around fifteen people because we only have 15 easels.  But sometimes we have a "project" that doesn't require an easel and we have a room filled to the brim.  Our classes are called "Attitude Adjustment", and by the end of our class, we guarantee an attitude transformation.  While the class paints, I tell lots of jokes, we play games, have contests, show hilarious slides on our television screen, and we enjoy all kinds of snacks, and if we have time, I teach.
Special snacks at Attitude Adjustment Class
At the end of the class we have class pictures to prove we actually have accomplished a project for the evening.  Some of our projects have included:
Attitude Adjustment Class

Attitude Adjustment Class

Attitude Adjustment Class

Attitude Adjustment Class

Pictures After Class - Attitude Adjustment Class

Attitude Adjustment Class
After a week of getting back in the groove at Florida Grande it was time to leave for our Thanksgiving with our family.  First we traveled about 45 miles north to visit with our oldest daughter, Kristen, her husband, Harold, and our 4 delightful grandchildren.  They were vacationing for a week on Little Lake Weir, so we spent one night with them before driving north on to be with our youngest daughter, Lauren, and her husband Chris, in Suwanee, Georgia (near Atlanta).    We left our motorhome at FG, and what we missed most of all was our bed.  Thanksgiving was everything we had wished for with Chris and Lauren, and we are pleased to announce that Chris was chosen by his employer, the Atlanta Falcons, as Employee Of The Year.  (This is the first time an individual has won the award twice.)  We are proud of Chris and glad that his hard work throughout the year was recognized by his peers.
Chris and Lauren Millman
The day after Thanksgiving we went to Dahlonega, in the mountains of north Georgia.  We never get tired of the beauty of the mountains and a lot of the colors of Fall were still there for us to enjoy.  We also saw many cars with Christmas trees on their roofs.  Christmas is going to be here before you know it.     

North Georgia Mountains near Dahlonega, GA

Wolf Mountain Vineyards - Dahlonega, GA

We returned to Webster on Saturday in one day, something you don't have to do if you are traveling in your motorhome, but we were ready to get back to our bed as well as our quiet and peaceful lifestyle in Webster.   We love to visit with our family so much and we look forward to their visit as soon as we have completed our suite (which is being done as we finish this blog).
RV and MH enjoying mountain air.
Sometimes when you see something funny you just have to take the picture...NOW.  I usually go to the Webster Flea Market on Mondays, and sometimes we find a few unusual pictures (Kodak moments); however, this may be the first time I've ever seen something like this for sale.  A work of art...solid cherry.  I think it was a good price, too.  Seriously?!
I heard him tell the guy it could also be a gun case - really.

I think I've found that perfect little car for us.  Not sure if it's for sale or not, but we see it every time we travel to Clermont.  How creative can you get?  
What a great little motorhome!
As we get ready for the holidays it is amazing how many activities there are.  We all need to pause to remember the reason for the season.  Sometimes I think random acts of kindness would be better than all the consumption and commercialized gift giving.