Wednesday, March 29, 2017


About this time of year we get what is affectionately called "hitch itch".  It's not a disease and it's not a bad thing to experience.
Do you hear us singing "On The Road Again"?
Just about every April many RVers begin to make preparations and reservations for their summer travels, but for us it means we won't return to central Florida until the Fall.

Let's celebrate each day for all our blessings!
When you live full time in your motorhome you take the kitchen sink, the bed, and lots of my art supplies.  We can, because our coach holds everything we need to make us just as comfortable as we can be.
 The Interstate and Florida Turnpike are busy - just like they were last October with all the "snowbirds"....but then they were heading South.
This may be what is heading north in April!
On April 1,  we will be going to Okeechobee, Florida, on the shores of the great Lake Okeechobee in south Florida.  We will be attending a 4 day (350+ motorhome) Tiffin rally called the Tiffin Allegro Club.
Tiffin Motor Homes of Red Bay, AL
We own a Tiffin Allegro Bus that was manufactured in Red Bay, Alabama, and if you have read our blog and followed our travels you have heard us talk favorably of Tiffin Motorhomes as well as Red Bay, Alabama.
This is something my husband has done very well - in fact, we have  somewhere between a 2007 and 2017
Allegro Bus (with all the "accessorizing" he has done!
When we arrive at the Allegro Club Rally I will be teaching an Attitude Adjustment Painting Class (It's FUN art...not FINE art). fact, I will be teaching 3 different classes... on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  These are a  few examples of the projects we might paint at the rally:
Canvas bag - for a cruise?
Flamingos in South Florida
Attitude Adjustment Class in session!
We arrive on Saturday,  get settled, organized,  and go back to some of the places we remember from last summer.  Remember our theme last summer "Old US visits Old FLORIDA"?  The Lake Okeechobee area was at the top of our list of fun times.

This is a very interesting part of Florida!
We're looking forward to seeing the beauty of Lake Okeechobee area again, and will look forward to the famous brunch at the Seminole Inn in Indiantown, Florida on Sunday.   The word is the Seminole Inn is haunted, but that's another story.  Really!
An "oldie" The Seminole Inn - Indiantown, FL
It's always sad to say goodbye to our friends at Florida Grande.  On a positive note,  our departures mean we have a whole new set of tales about all our travels the next time we see each other.  Safe travels everyone!  We will miss the phenomenal sunrises and sunsets at Florida Grande.
Spectacular Sunrises!