Monday, June 27, 2016


RV and I drove to the historical and impressive Terry Park in Fort Myers on Sunday, June 26,  to see our grandson, Kenneth, play in a baseball tournament.  Kenneth is a senior at Clay High School in Green Cove Springs, FL and his love for baseball is evident in how he performs on the field. (and the amount of clay he has on his baseball pants after the game).  He is a very talented catcher but also plays other positions occasionally.  This next year will be exciting for him as he will have many choices to make that will impact the rest of his life.
The Burke's - Harold, Kenneth, Kristen and Kenzie
(Kiley and Khloe absent)
The Terry Park Ballfield Sports Complex (aka Park T. Pigott Memorial Stadium) is listed as a National Historic Site in Fort Myers, Florida.  The park is named after the family who donated the land in the 1920's.
Entrance - Terry Park Ballfield
Entrance to Terry Park Ballfield - Fort Myers,  FL
For years, the stadium has hosted Major League Baseball spring training as well as a dozen years of Florida State League baseball.  The stadium has hosted the Philadelphia Athletics, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals spring training needs throughout the years.  Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Roberto Clemente, Jimmy Foxx, Bob Feller, Tris Speaker and George Brett are just a few of the Hall of Famers who have played at Terry Park. Throughout the park complex, which has 4 ballfields immaculately maintained, are tributes to baseball names and legends we've heard about most of our lives.
George Brett Field - Terry Park

Roberto Clemente Field - Terry Park

The day had a very happy ending.  Kenneth scored the winning run and his team won 6-5.  The fans sat under a covered canopy enjoying occasional breezes that made the 90 degree temperatures bearable.
Terry Park Ballfields - Fort Myers, FL

Friday, June 24, 2016


 A favorite cousin who lives in Lander, WY recently visited New Smyrna Beach, FL (on the Atlantic Coast)  and inquired if there was any way possible for us to visit she and her husband while they were visiting in Florida on Memorial Day Weekend.
Steve and Anna (Knapp) Erixon
We had never been to New Smyrna Beach (often referred to as Orlando's beach), located in Volusia County, and we decided to drive our coach over to explore an area of Florida we have not visited while full timing.   That's what this summer is about - "old us visiting old Florida"!  Surprisingly, NSB is a lovely drive-on Atlantic coast beach and to say it was jam-packed with visitors and cars is an understatement.
New Smyrna Beach, FL
New Smyrna Beach on west side of Intercoastal Waterway
We truly enjoyed our visit!  One of our other favorite cousins, Richard and Nancy Knapp, drove from St Cloud, and we had a mini family reunion. Upon checking into our campground, New Smyrna Beach RV Park, we were told by the manager of the campground..."Don't try to eat in NSB this weekend...too many visitors."
New Smyrna Beach RV Park
So we drove south to a highly recommended seafood restaurant,  Dixie Crossroads, in Titusville, FL.  *****5 stars.
Our mini-family reunion  - Dixie Crossroads,
Titusville, FL
Anna (Knapp) Erixon, Richard Knapp,  Marty (Knapp) Whitney

Dixie Crossroads Restaurant is a keeper.  If you can, go there!  Not a disappointment.  We tried their specialty rock shrimp prepared several different ways, and we all agreed they were all delicious!  We had such an enjoyable visit, a delicious meal, and learned volumes about this beautiful area of the state.
Visiting new campgrounds and unfamiliar surroundings can sometimes be a challenge but New Smyrna Beach RV Park was very well managed.  There were many weekend visitors with large groups of friends/family.  This  beautiful unpretentious campground definitely fits into the category of "old Florida", and we enjoyed our brief stay and may return one day.
New Smyrna Beach RV Park Office

New Smyrna Beach RV Park
We visited the site of the ruins of the Cruger-de Peyster Sugar Mill, in New Smyrna Beach, in operation in the mid 1800's, which contained huge industrial machinery manufactured in New York.  In 1835 the mill was burned to the ground by Seminole Indians and the ruins remained unprotected until 2007.

Cruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Cruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Cruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Cruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Historic sugar mill ruins such as those in New Smyrna Beach are found throughout Florida, and reminds us of the day when sugar cane production was a boon to Florida's economy.  As we said in the beginning, we barely got to scratch the surface of this beautiful part of Florida so we'll have to return one day.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Yes, we are still in Florida, and these last weeks have been nonstop busy for us.  Not that we are driving from one place to another, but we have kept busy.  We enjoyed the Family Motor Coach Association National Rally in Perry, GA, where I presented 3 Attitude Adjustment classes.  I couldn't have done it without my sidekick and lots of able-bodied assistants.  
Attitude Adjustment Class - Perry, GA
After we left Perry we headed to Brunswick, GA to a Tiffin Travelers rally at Coastal Georgia RV Resort, and visited friends we had not seen in a couple of years - not only RV friends but St. Simons Island friends.  A trip to that area would not be complete without some delicious Georgia shrimp.
B&J Seafood - Darien, GA
The Marshes of Glynn County, GA
St. Simons Lighthouse - St. Simons Island, GA
Sydney Lanier Bridge - Brunswick, GA
Intercoastal Waterway - Jekyll Island, GA
We returned to Florida Grande where a huge plain wall has been painted with a huge mural in the Activities Room.  The more I painted from atop a 12 foot ladder the bigger the wall got.  The ceiling is about 14 feet and at about halfway through I made an executive decision to stop at the halfway part of the length of the wall.  It was fun painting, but it's more fun when there are a few people around.  We gave the mural the name "RECALCULATING"... you'll understand when you see it.  
If you are in an RV for any time at all something is going to break.  Let's hear an AMEN to that.  Our brand new beautiful toilet went kaput last week.   Luckily we were able to get it repaired at Alliance Coach in Wildwood, FL.  If that wasn't enough, upon our arrival at Alliance our passenger-side front jack sounded like a jackhammer when it was extended.  We returned to Florida Grande until a part is delivered next week.  Just a slight delay in our departure plans and we'll be heading south.  We can't complain since both were still under warranty.  
My Sidekick (RV is always on standby)
With the painting behind me (I should say "us" because RV was assisting me along the way), our blog will be written on a more timely basis.  Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, and thank you for reading our blog.