Thursday, March 6, 2008

We are SO there!

OK, I know I'm a little behind in getting this started, but there have been millions of distractions; for example, yesterday was tax preparation. It's behind us and now we're going to spend more time getting this informative bl0g going so everyone knows we are still the same sane Whitney's you knew and no one has kidnapped our bodies, bought an RV, and started travelling to heaven knows where, for who knows why. If you want peace and quiet to do taxes, Darien, GA is the place to come. We are on the Cathead River right by the Outlet Mall, some of you might even have seen Cafe Risque across the street. No, we haven't been there, but use it as a geographic point. Darien has been such a great place to organize and get to know the RV - it is a very convenient spot for RV'ers going north or south on I-95 to stop and energize themselves and then be on their way. Because of its' proximity to St. Simons Island, we chose the place to keep our rv secure until we could devote more time - like right now. We've already met so many friends we never would have met had we not come here.