Monday, December 14, 2009


We're finally ON THE ROAD AGAIN for the next couple of months - have left Webster, FL, until October unless we get homesick. When I came back to post my latest blog - I found a blog that for some unknown reason was not published.?? So I'm going to post it now...but another blog is on the way. If not for anything else, to document that we are still RVing - and enjoying it. Can't imagine what the next chapter of our lives might be after fulltiming......

Upon leaving Tellico Plains, TN, we spent a few days in Green Cove Springs, FL,and were fortunate enough to enjoy our grandchildren getting ready for Halloween.

RV and I are the token front door monitors/greeters while the others have a parade of golf carts and tow trailers carrrying a plethora of costumed characters throughout the area. After the sugar began its obvious effects on the grandchildren, we politely excused ourselves and headed south.

We were guests of our friends George and Jackie Mueller at Outdoor Resorts in Port St. Lucie, FL, for several days before we started heading north to Marietta, GA to spend Thanksgiving with Lauren and Chris. It's kind of customary during our visit that we drive through Life University to see the Christmas lights...

Remember our earlier post where we said we'd try to go to visit Presidential Libraries? Being in Atlanta, we went to the Carter Presidential Library, and again, were pleasantly surprised. Not as oppulent as the Clinton Presidential Library, but beautiful in its own way and very poignant in the characterization of Carter's presidency. This would be especially beautiful in the springtime. Oh, that would be 2 down, 10 to go (Presidential Libraries).

We decided upon returning to Florida Grande (Webster, FL) there probably wouldn't be a lot happening and we would "cool our jets" for writing, but I learned that won't do for next year. It was such a busy winter and we had a fantastic time. The suite is finished on the outside....and since we haven't finished the inside, guess where I painted? When we left we had bluebirds nesting in our birdhouse outside our front window. We went back to Green Cove for an Easter Sunday sunrise service as well as Kiley's baptism, and now we're on our way to Gulf Shores, AL for the Tiffin RV Forum Rally.