Saturday, August 27, 2011


Note to self:  Don't wait this long to blog again.

Thank you for mentioning you missed the blogs.  Sometimes when you are stationary for weeks at a time you don't feel like it's very interesting to talk about what's happening, but after looking back at some of our collection of over 10,000 photographs, a lot has happened.  Lots of family blessings, lots of self growth, sadness in losing a good friend and fellow RVer, Robert J. Ring, and  believe it or not, being together 24/7 has definitely meant that we grew together as a couple.  Everyday isn't perfect and every turn in the road still brings excitement, and sometimes we become impatient with each other (our Lucy and Ricky moments), but we know we're as normal as it gets.  Oh, and "we're all we've got!"

The best medicine on the road for us is laughter; not the kind of laughter you just smile.  Big old laughin' out loud .. alot.  Try not to take life so serious ...maybe we'll live longer.  Hey, we just became Medicare recipients this year!  Now we can aspire to live long and healthy lives and hopefully we never have to use it. 

Think I'll stop writing and post some pictures of some interesting places since we posted our last blog.  Kindest wishes to all of you.  We love and cherish your friendship.  Safe travels and may you receive many blessings in whatever you are doing at this time of your lives.   Our intention is to post our blog more often in the future.  The format may change a little but we think it's going to be more interesting to you.  Be sure to let us hear from you occasionally.