Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today was my first geocache experience since RV bought me a Garmin extrex Legend for my birthday. Luckily, my treasure wasn't more than a half mile from The Rally Park at Lazydays. After you get your gps set up, you download your coordinates from geocache.com and it seems to pretty much tell you where to go. My geocache site was at the Cracker Barrel next to Lazy Days near a rocking chair and a piece of what looked like an antique washing machine - underneath. When I pulled out this magnetic key holder, I wanted to shout "EUREKA", but all the while I' m thinking, I wonder what everyone is saying inside the restaurant?! I signed a log - left the trinket in the box and replaced it for the next person. This particular geocache has been there since 2004, and because of the location as well as the simplicity, it is located every couple of days by someone just like me. So I get back in the car where my geocache driver is awaiting - thumbs up, it works.


We are in Tampa for the Freightliner chassis rally. You really learn a lot about what seems to be very complicated to me - I'm not usually the driver, but there are a lot of items on our coach we have yet to discover - and keep doing it everytime we talk to either the mfg. of the coach (Tiffin) or the mfg. of the major parts of the coach - like Freightliner, Cummins, HWH, Onan, Thetford, and who knows what!? It has really surprised me how much RV (you know who this is...)enjoys driving this big diesel pusher. It is a pleasure to be the co-pilot. By the way, we use a Garmin 720, our various trucker's and large print atlas, Next Exit (for the interstate) the RV'ers Notebook and the 2008 Trailer Life Directory installed on our computer. You learn not to trust any book or gps, but together with luck, we seem to get there. By the way, RV gave me a handheld Garmin etrex Legend for my birthday - I'll write about that later, but I'm so excited to start my new hobby - geocaching. Yahoo!

Anyway, a pleasant surprise on Saturday was when Kristen and all 4 grandchildren came to visit us at Rally Park. We grilled out and while Kenneth and Kiley stayed with us in the RV, Kristen, Khloe and Kenzie checked into the Hampton Inn across the street. Next day, while RV stayed at the RV to take care of maintenance and upkeep issues, Kristen and I took all the children to Busch Gardens. What a day! We had a great time in spite of the rain that came down in buckets at least 2 times. I'm sure that isn't what they remember when they talk about this trip. We came back and Kristen took the children to the pool before she started back to GCS - I'm sure everyone settled in for a nice nap on the way back home. Kenneth is such a big help - he let us know he can't wait to go to Yellowstone.

The next couple of days we'll be concentrating on the Rally so this was a great break and we enjoyed every minute.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After waiting several months on Michelin and Freightliner to send the tires and rims, we are officially the new owners of the Super RV tires - very tricked out! Feels good, ride good and hopefully our mileage will be better.

We'll be away from home base (K&H Campground) for several weeks/months so I wanted to start this from Blueberry Hill RV Resort in Bushnell, FL. We got in early, set up our campsite (tee hee), and then set out to explore. Ended up in Webster, by golly, and had dinner at the Speckled Butterbean Cafe. Let me take this opportunity to say this diner is #1 on our list. #2 is Suwannee River Diner in White Springs and #3 is Jesse's Cafe in Monticello, GA. Stay tuned. But #1 will be hard to beat - we caved in for the Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding. But wait....there was entertainment when we left....the Sumter County Agricultural Auction. Cows of every make and color - thought it was a Chick Filet commercial!