Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today was my first geocache experience since RV bought me a Garmin extrex Legend for my birthday. Luckily, my treasure wasn't more than a half mile from The Rally Park at Lazydays. After you get your gps set up, you download your coordinates from geocache.com and it seems to pretty much tell you where to go. My geocache site was at the Cracker Barrel next to Lazy Days near a rocking chair and a piece of what looked like an antique washing machine - underneath. When I pulled out this magnetic key holder, I wanted to shout "EUREKA", but all the while I' m thinking, I wonder what everyone is saying inside the restaurant?! I signed a log - left the trinket in the box and replaced it for the next person. This particular geocache has been there since 2004, and because of the location as well as the simplicity, it is located every couple of days by someone just like me. So I get back in the car where my geocache driver is awaiting - thumbs up, it works.

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