Time passes quickly, more quickly than we ever imagined, and all of a sudden we were preparing to retire.  We moved from the Washington, D.C. area to Green Cove Springs, FL, to be closer to family and then it hit us!!  We weren't ready to just settle down and enjoy our retirement....just yet....or just like this.  Full-timing in an RV was really my idea, and I almost croaked when RV agreed with me.  

So our journey begins....telling our family who was supportive of our idea, but didn't believe us; telling our wonderful friends, who didn't believe we'd go through with it; and more important was getting rid of ALL that STUFF we've been carrying around for years.  

During most of the time we were disposing of our STUFF, RV was teaching at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, GA,  on a contract basis.  We had wonderful friends on St. Simons Island, GA,  who shared a part of their heavenly property on the Frederica River with us, and we stayed there until after RV's contract expired and we had either given, thrown away, loaned or worn out what we could not take with us.  Most of the clothes we parted with were more suitable for a colder climate, the suits, dresses, shoes and work clothing would not be appropriate for our plans, and so out they went!!

Our house sold quicker than we anticipated so we began shopping seriously for the right coach for our needs and decided on a new 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus, 40' diesel pusher, with 400 HP.  We drove our new coach to Inland Harbor in  Darien, GA for a few weeks to learn what all those switches, buttons, bells and whistles meant, and making all the necessary arrangements to make our travels easier - electronic bill paying, mail forwarding service, cell phone service (which would provide service in most of the places we planned to travel), and internet service (where technology enables us to stay in touch with our families and the outside world).

When you pull out of your drive that last time, you say goodbye to a lot of support services you'll never need again; however, you say hello to other types of support services you're going to need.  And that's what makes all this so interesting.  We are enjoying the freedom our country gives us to travel and to experience meeting and talking to people who are just like us.  In time, I'd like to devote some of our blog to introduce you to some of our friends on the road - full-timers just like ourselves.

If you see us going down the road you'll notice we pull our car behind us (FL RV-MH).  When we arrive at our new destination, we usually travel within about a 100 mile radius in our car to try to learn more about the area and its historical significance in our country.  

So how long are we going to carry on like this?  That answer depends on so many variables.  We met one couple full-timing for over 29 years!  We are so grateful and blessed, and look forward to doing this as long as possible, so keep in touch with us!  We enjoy hearing what's going on in your lives as well.

An update 10/1/12:  Just celebrated 5 years fulltiming on the road.  It's not for everyone, but we can't imagine not having the freedom we have right now.   We've been blessed.

An update 10/7/14:  Where does the time go?  Seven (7) years fulltiming.  This was the year we celebrated 25 years of marriage.  Like they say...."Life rocks when your living room rolls!"   We've been blessed.

An update 4/22/18:  Has it really been almost 11 years of fulltiming?  The wheels are still rolling and we are definitely enjoying this little window of our lives and we're seeing as much of our beautiful country as possible!