Monday, April 30, 2018


Yes, there is a gnome named Elvis!  Let me know if you
want me to get one for you.

If you go to Tupelo, MS you know without a shadow of a doubt that Elvis Presley is Tupelo's native son.   Aside from the signs to the Elvis Presley Birthplace House and Museum, Fairpark, and many other signs that "Elvis ate here", "Went to school here", "His mother bought his first guitar here." etc.  The Elvis memorabilia may match what is in Graceland in Memphis.

The iconic Elvis Presley Guitar Trail
Tupelo, MS

The iconic Elvis Presley Guitar Trail
Tupelo, MS

The iconic Elvis Presley Guitar Trail
Tupelo, MS

Tupelo is proud to promote and honor the memory of Elvis in many positive directions such as music scholarships, fan clubs, Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competitions, the Elvis Presley Guitar Trail, and this year will be the 20th anniversary of the Elvis Presley Festival from June 6 - 10, 2018.  Did you realize this is the 83rd birthday anniversary of Elvis Presley?  Happy birthday to the King Of Rock and Roll!

 Life-size Poster at the
Tupelo Automobile Museum
Tupelo, MS

The very first Elvis Presley Festival
Commemorative Poster
Downtown Tupelo, MS

Fairpark is located in Downtown Tupelo.   The Elvis Presley Fan Club, along with very special friends, have dedicated several park benches throughout the park to honor the memory of Elvis.  A beautiful life-sized sculptured statue is displayed in the center of the park.  At lunchtime there are several food trucks parked on the periphery of the park that provide all kinds of delicious food suitable for a picnic.

Life size sculpture by sculptor Bill Beckwith
Fairpark - Tupelo, MS

Life size sculpture by sculptor Bill Beckwith
Fairpark - Tupelo, MS

Park bench donated by Elvis Presley Fan Club
Elvis appeared in Fairpark on August 1, 1955,
September 26, 1956 and September 27, 1957
Park Bench at Fairpark to honor Elvis Presley's Grandchildren
Park Bench Dedicated to Memory of Elvis Presley
Fairpark - Tupelo, MS

BUT THERE IS MORE TO TUPELO HISTORY THAN ELVIS!  Not too many people know the Tennessee Valley Authority, which was established in 1933 was first in Tupelo in 1934, where this part of the country was reeling from the Great Depression when President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the "New Deal" to help America recover.

TVA City Tupelo, MS

The TVA was tasked to help the hard-hit Tennessee Valley to improve the quality of life in the region.  Tupelo became the "First TVA City" in 1934, and the city's residents could purchase electricity at some of the lowest rates in the USA.  Tupelo is near TVA's Wilson Dam in Muscle Shoals, AL.  The electricity generated by this hydroelectric power plant uses falling water to turn generators that produce electricity.

Wilson Dam - Muscle Shoals, AL

Friday, April 20, 2018


We took a familiar route to Alabama from central Florida, in spite of all the warnings about the weather....we felt blessed not to be in the path of tornadoes and dangerous weather patterns on the weather radar.  A new campground was recommended that we had not stayed before.

Hitchin' Post Corral and Campground RV Park
Cottondale, FL

The Hitchin' Post Corral and Campground in Cottondale, FL
is a convenient overnight location at the intersection of I-10 and Hwy. 231.  The resident owners will confirm they were sold "swamp" land and have spent quite a sum of money, hard work, and many sleepless nights to have a campground they can be proud to own.  Nothing fancy and they accept Passport America (which means a reduced rate).  We will return.

Hitchin' Post Corral and Campground RV Park
Cottondale, FL

When morning arrived we headed northward the next day and "about 200 miles" later we stopped at a favorite campground in Montgomery, the capital of Alabama.  Capital City RV Park is convenient, safe and managed by caring owners.  We had an early wakeup planned for the next day, dinner was already prepared, and it wasn't necessary to unhook our tow car.

Alabama 2018
We arrived in Red Bay, AL and our favorite campground in Alabama - the Downtown Red Bay RV Park.  Sometimes it's just the friendliness of the people that you meet along the way that makes you want to return.  After the past 10 years of annual/semi-annual trips to Red Bay and northern Alabama we feel we are returning home and seeing old friends.

Downtown Red Bay RV Park
Red Bay, AL

Do we have to go back to Red Bay every year?  Probably not...but we feel confident our annual maintenance will be done by experienced mechanics and craftsmen.  This year we are having some major paint work done at the independent body shop, Custom Paint and Auto Body operated by Bruce and Melody Deaton.

A Little Cosmetic Work at
Bruce Deaton's Body Shop - Red Bay, AL

   After Bruce finishes we have an appointment in nearby Vina, AL for a couple of upgrades and mods done by Brannon Hutcheson at Custom RV (We call that ACCESSORIZING).


Oil and filters will be changed at Bay Diesel by Chris Morrow's team.  Since we have scheduled appointments we hope our planning falls into place seamlessly, and most of the time it does.  So you see, it's like the hokey pokey and we turn ourselves around....that's what it's all about!

Brannon Hutcheson, Owner
Our busy three + weeks in Red Bay will pass with lightning speed and then we'll slowly head north to attend a Tiffin Allegro Club rally in Goshen, IN which will be held from May 14-18.  Remember, I teach FUN art...not FINE art ... and we have planned several ARTitude Adjustment painting classes that will be creative and a barrel of fun!   About 300 Tiffin coaches will congregate at the huge Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds and enjoy another unforgettable rally.  We are pleased to be a part of such an amazing group of people for fun, food, entertainment, and always a lot of laughter.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Also...collect memories, not things.

And whatever you do....Enjoy The Journey!

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!  We (ok, not me so much), are packing to get on the road for the next 6 or so months in our motorhome which we have called home for over 10 years .  SOOOO, you say, shouldn't be too much packing if you live there already!?  One of the best parts about RVing is we don't have to pack a suitcase and we sleep in OUR own bed every night. 

This is the umpteenth year teaching ARTitude Adjustment painting classes while we travel during the summer and RV patiently packs so much stuff for me to won't fit in the car either.

Family Motor Coach Association International Rally
ARTitude Adjustment Class
Perry, GA - March 2018
Adopt This and Travel With Us

But there are some paints....that shouldn't be stored in the hot car.  They go in the compartment under the motorhome in places we store other "stuff".  Humans have a way of accumulating stuff.  I easily fit into the category of craft and art supply hoarder.  You never know when you are going to need some of the nifty things you can create and carry around.

This season has been extra busy for both of us.  RV spent most of the season rehabilitating and nursing me back to good health.  Not until the third bout of pneumonia did we realize it was all about allergies - probably due to pollen and oak trees in our back yard.  We both got sick of me being sick.  The good news is I'm well now!

Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
Bob and Marty's Back Yard

I had to break it to the cattle and Toby (our pet horse)...."We're leaving again!"

While all this was going on we tried to lead a normal life, whatever "normal" means.  This was a very busy year at Florida Grande - I was Chairman of the Activities Committee and teaching ARTitude Adjustment as well.  This was a year of awesome creativeness with my ARTitude Adjustment painting class and I increased what I offered in classes by becoming a Designer with Chalk Couture.  

While we prepare to leave our friends and families these next few months we will be in touch in so many ways, including this blog.  I will be teaching ARTitude Adjustment painting classes at several RV rallies and we will be traveling in territory we have not traveled before.   We are wishing you safe travels and hope you enjoy your journey, wherever it may be. RV and MH

We have many Oooohs and Aaahhs sunsets as well as sunrises
at Florida Grande....Big Sky!  This was a sunrise last week.