Sunday, July 26, 2015


So much has happened since our last entry.  There are at least 4 blog entries that will be forthcoming....but on July 3 I did something I knew woulda, coulda, shoulda never happened to me.  Many of you can relate that sometimes you find that you are staying in an area that has poor cell service so when your cell phone rings you go outside as fast as possible to answer the that is the craziest thing you could ever do!  The weather didn't help, there was a slight misting rain all day, and it was just about dusk outside.
Galax, VA - Home of Mountain Music

Cool Breeze RV Campground - I "fell" in love with it!

Beautiful Cool Breeze Campground
I was so excited the call was from a family member and as I firmly gripped the door handle with my right hand, and opened the front door, in a matter of seconds my feet went out from under me and my posterior hit both motorhome steps on the way down.  The force that pushed me forward fractured my wrist (wing in a sling).  We spent Friday evening in the Galax, VA Hospital in the ER waiting for results of the xray with directions to the orthopedic doctor I was to meet on Monday.
Which one do you like?  This one.......

Or this one!
All that to say I am recuperating well with the help of Chief Nurse RV who has had to do double duties since I broke the first bone of my life in my dominate left wrist.  We extended our stay in Galax an additional 2 weeks and that time gave me much needed recuperating time.  We left Galax on 7/22 to travel to Madison, WI to the FMCA's 92nd Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase from 7/29 to 8/1, where I am scheduled to present 4 different art classes called ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!  Remember, it's not FINE art.... it's FUN art!
Beautiful Virginia countryside - very healing!!

Rolling hills and mountains near Galax, VA

Hope we see you at Attitude Adjustment in Madison, WI!

Florida Grande Painting Classes - Imagination Gone Wild!
Anyway, like my husband says, I wouldn't have missed this for the world, and I am looking forward to teaching at least 25 fun-loving and not-yet discovered talented artists daily at the Madison FMCA Convention.   In closing, if you are interested in my Attitude Adjustment Facebook page, please take a few minutes to sign up for notifications of upcoming classes and news.