Monday, June 8, 2015

FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY - Suwanee, Georgia

After Red Bay we travelled to Atlanta to visit with our daughter, Lauren, and son in law, Chris.  We also enjoyed visiting with our friends, Bill and Doris Fuqua, newly transplanted residents to Gainesville, GA.  While we really wanted to visit much more, the time just gets away from you.  Lauren has relocated her office in Suwanee and much of the time was spent in helping her move.  Which is worse - moving from a household or an office?!  We played a small part but it took quite a bit of our time. As many of you know, business moves require a lot of coordination and work.

Before I forget, congratulations to Chris on his new promotion as Director of Community Relations with the Atlanta Falcons.  While we were in Atlanta, Chris coordinated an annual fishing tournament on Lake Lanier  (Fishing With The Falcons), sponsored for the last 8 years by the Atlanta Falcons and features football players, veterans, and Wounded Warriors.

Suwanee, GA, where Lauren and Chris reside, is an interesting city in Gwinnett County, located about 30 minutes north of Atlanta and is home to about 16,000 residents.  The Town Center Park, which opened in December, 2003, is a gathering place with 3 interlinking walkways, the largest interactive fountain in Gwinnett County, large open areas, a performance stage with a 1000 seat terraced amphitheatre area.  
Suwanee Town Center, Suwanee, GA
City Hall located at Suwanee Town Center
Town Center Park, a 10 acre urban-style park, is symbolically the heart of the town of Suwanee.  The Town Center is considered the "front yard" of the community.  Good food, good music, good fun...what's not to like?
Bring your chairs, coolers, etc. - Meet your friends!
Water Feature at Suwanee Town Center

Food Truck Friday is an event that rolls into the Suwanee Town Center about once a month during the summer months.  We met several local people who had never attended the event before and were astounded by the numbers of people and how well the crowd was handled and quickly fed.  Not only is there enough room to handle the crowd but there are so many areas for families to freely walk and enjoy.  People-watching is definitely the number one activity!

Food Truck Friday - Suwanee Town Center
 The only challenge on Food Truck Friday is "How am I going to choose between all these delicious food truck options?" We chose the Atlanta Burger Truck and ordered the Turkey Burger with goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles, and red onion.  YUM!  Great choice.  We thought it kind of amusing there was an unmarked food truck selling catfish and grits doing a jam up business.

The Atlanta Burger Food Truck - Suwanee Town Center
Food Truck Friday - Suwanee Town Center

Lauren and I are People-Watching!

On Tapa The World Food Truck

Simply The Best Philly Cheese Steak Food Truck

Great Southern Eatery Food Truck

Indian Cuisine Food Truck
Tracy's Tasties Desserts Food Truck

There are Food Trucks in operation in many communities and now that we have enjoyed the Suwanee Town Center "Food Truck Friday" experience, we will definitely look for other opportunities around the country.  We'd love to hear about your food truck experiences!

We always look forward to next year when we return to the Atlanta area.  We've even picked out a new spot at Old Federal for next time!
Next Year - Old Federal - Sunsets and Fishing