Friday, August 29, 2008


We went back to Green Cove Springs from Tampa trying to run from the TS FAY. Guess what?! It followed us and we couldn't leave because it was projected to go exactly where we wanted to go - Alabama. So we had a great time - got to see Kenneth and Kiley start to school together. Got to go to Kiley's birthday party and enjoy the fish from their vacation to Key West. Delicious mahi mahi and snapper - blackened and fried by Chef Harold. We delayed leaving and decided to let the weekend pass and we'd hit the road - then we had to postpone a couple of days - anyway, Tuesday morning we had lift off and drove to Auburn, AL and stayed at a sweet little campground down the road from the school. We didn't realize Auburn University was established just about the same time FSU opened. Anyway, there were about 25,000 students welcomed back this week, and it was packed. We came at a good time because when a football game is in town, every campground is filled - with Tigers.
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