Tuesday, May 12, 2009


You can't imagine the reservations we had about Bike Week, but we actually had a great time. I'm sorry to have all those photos, but it was a hoot. We had a hard time taking it all in. There was so much, and believe it or not, we were not the youngest or the oldest here. We had been told from our "new best friends" at Willow Lake where about 50,000 bikers would be, so we went, and there they were! It was as good or better than any FMCA Rally we've ever attended. When you get a bike, so much more goes with it - boots, chaps, helmet, jacket, etc., etc.

RV has seen all this from a different standpoint than I have - from his career. But this was like kindergarten for me. To top it all off, Myrtle Beach has almost thrown the bikers out of town and told them they don't want them - i.e., noise abatement and required helmets, etc., so they have moved north to North Myrtle Beach.

While we enjoyed all that this part of South Carolina had to offer, we spent our final afternoon at a matinee at the Carolina Opry, next to Dixie Stampede - one of the top live shows in the State. The performers did an outstanding job of singing songs from the '60's, '70's and '80's, which in some cases sounded better than the original artist. There are 4 young men, All That, who tap danced, and they were absolutely spectacular. We couldn't believe it! It was almost like watching members of Riverdance. In case you might be wondering whether the show was for all ages, it was probably the most famiy-oriented show we've ever seen. While exiting, you left with such a sense of pride in the "good ol' USA". We certainly enjoyed that it was an earlier matinee so we wouldn't have to get back to Willow Lake after dark. If you have an opportunity to go, it is SO worth the time - veterans are always acknowledged at the end of the show, which was very meaningful.

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