Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TURTLE HOSPITAL - Marathon, FL, Mile Marker 48.5 Bayside

Do people really fish this much? I know they do, just kidding. The trip has been so much fun. Would I have ever gone to the Turtle Hospital at MM 48.5 Bayside? We saw so many turtles at various stages of rehab at this not-for-profit hospital being cared for by volunteers, volunteer turtle surgeons, etc. Five of seven species of sea turtles are in the Keys. We saw these the day we visited: Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Kemps Ridley. All of these are on the Endangered Species list, with the exception of the Loggerhead, which is Threatened. You'd want to work here because the turtles are so interesting, but it might be best if you just take the hour and a half tour. There is a real possibility that some or all may become extinct in the next hundred years. Some of the turtles in captivity will never leave, and will live longer than 75 years. By the way, if you like Sea Turtles that much, you might like to shop at their online store:
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