Wednesday, July 22, 2009


O.K., we've had about a week to get comfortable in our surroundings and now some of our friends leave as others are arriving. I felt like the senior camp counselor. The delicacy and taste of mahi is not as appealing anymore. It is delicious, yes, but we have had it about every day. When the boats come back in, there are coolers of the bounty for the day, and then they are fileted and ready for that evening.

It is obvious this area is getting ready for their mini-lobster season and we are there on an off-week, thank goodness. Lobster traps line the roads, beaches, everywhere! We had dinner one evening at Keys' Kitchens, the largest lobster distributor in the world. Why have I been going to Joe's Stone Crabs in South Miami when this is where Joe's gets their Stone Crabs?! This is definitely not a fancy restaurant in Marathon; however, this isn't where they make their money either. I had the lobster reuben - they sell hundreds of these everyday. It is so laid back it may not be fancy enough for some people - but look at that sunset! They don't even charge for that.

One evening before RV arrived, we went to the Islamorado Fish Company and enjoyed one of the most spectacular sunsets ever, and were able to chill, take family pictures, and enjoy what this area offers.

Both boats sacrificed a fishing day for a snorkeling day, and everyone got to participate. Everyone from the age of 1 to who-knows-how old, were enjoying areas designated for seeing hundreds of varieties of fish.

July 4th was spectacular! We took both boats close to the fireworks at Sombrero Key, on the Atlantic side, and watched as the sun set. The radio was synched to the fireworks so we listened to plenty of patriotic songs for the evening. The mosquitos must have been disturbed, because on the way back to the house, while cruising through a mangrove swamp, we were all attacked and several endured mosquito bites for the rest of the week.

It's Wednesday, Week 2, and now I'm beginning to wonder how I'm going to get back to the RV, and RV. It is my birthday, and Kristen and I are enjoying a spa day in Islamorada, and there were several occasions I said to her, "Did Dad mention if he was coming? Should I be looking for a bus, train or meet him somewhere on the interstate?" No answer. Hmmm. Well, we're having lunch at the Morado Inn on the beach, and who comes strolling up like Cary Grant, but RV....just like that! (Have I dated myself, or what!) He did arrive early enough to enjoy some of the closing festivities of the week. I failed to mention Chris and Lauren even came by on their way from Miami (a cruise) back to Atlanta. That's a funny story, too. And then we had a great trip back to Florida Grande in Webster. We were so blessed - everyone made it back home with many memories of the past 2 weeks, or whatever part of the festivities they participated.
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