Sunday, August 9, 2009


My Old Kentucky Home, Federal Hill, is so covered by foliage and trees it was difficult to take a good picture of the house; hence I just didn't try to take but a few. You weren't allowed to take interior pictures during the tour, so it had to suffice that you enjoyed walking the grounds, gardens, carriage house, smokehouse, as well as the family cemetery.

When I used to travel full time, I learned to inspect local grocers in about every town we travelled to. You find such treats, and while we travel, I make it a point to stop at local markets, farmer's markets and bakeries to buy what might be in season, that we may not ever have been so fortunate to try. Sometimes I buy produce I've never seen in my life - like yesterday, a scalloped squash. Imagine a white squash that looks like a UFO. I prepared it as an appetizer - but it was just placed in an egg wash and floured and fried, like fried green tomatoes. I would have liked to prepare it another way, but that was suggested by a local farmer. Other items I purchased were the heirloom tomatoes, small potatoes, green beans and spaghetti squash. Another place I love to go, if possible, are local butcher shops. Bardstown's butcher shop is called Boone's, and I'm not sure, but I think this is the most popular store in town. We purchased several types of meats as well as their thick sliced peppered bacon for breakfast. I just couldn't resist the Homemade Bratwurst. We don't serve it every day, so every once in awhile I try to justify such a treat.

After visiting the State Park, we felt it would be enjoyable to go to the State play, Stephen Foster - The Musical. Apparently, this is the 51st year (since 1957)the play has been produced. The costumes, scenery and singing was quite a tribute to America's first great composer, Stephen Foster, who died at the age of 37.
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