Sunday, September 6, 2009


Even if you might not have had prior law enforcement experience, does the name "McNairy County" ring a bell? Well, after we left Shiloh, we were within a couple of miles of one of the most legendary lawmen in America, Sheriff Buford Pusser, the man who became the target of many assassination attempts - one of which took the life of his wife, Pauline, and left him emotionally and physically scarred. He became the subject of 4 "Walking Tall" major motion pictures.

His home in Adamsville has stood still in time, a brick ranch exterior with the short shag carpet, pine panelling and original furnishings and momentos. Some of his law enforcement career included being shot 8 times, knifed 7 times, fought 6 men at once, sending 3 to jail and 3 to the hospital, destroyed 87 whiskey stills in 1965 alone, killed 2 people in self-defense, served 3 consecutive terms as McNairy County Sheriff. The remains of the Corvette in which he died, is stored in his garage at the house.

We left Buford's house and went to downtown Adamsville to the Saw Meal Cafe, famous for hometown cooking, before we headed back to Red Bay, AL via the Pickwick Lake Dam area.

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