Monday, October 5, 2009


Driving from West Memphis, AR to Red Bay, AL isn't a problem - unless you think driving 170 miles a day is strenuous. Borderline for us! When we arrived at the Allegro Campground in Red Bay, it was packed with coaches awaiting service and we were assigned a site in no-man-land area of the campground (where they replace cracked/broken windshields); however, this is what we refer to as "dry camping"(no sewer, no water, but 50 amp service). Hopefully, a site will become available before too long. As long as we are here it is at no cost, - we meet our neighbors and before too long, we're having a great time.

Accessorizing. We've opted for 2 recliners instead of the couch we had previously. We added another custom louvered wooden fan cover installed as well as our bedroom end tables, and our "Zephyr" closet shelf with support. What a difference this makes! We had an exhaust brake switch added as well as a couple of electronic adjustments.

It is SO dusty and dry in Red Bay; (cough, cough) but we enjoy so much about this area! It is so enjoyable we already can't wait until next year. (Catfish at Swamp Johns, daily lunch specials at The Pig, buying local country sausage/thick sliced bacon and brown eggs at the campground office, etc.). Small world: we met a couple at Tom Sawyer Campground in W. Memphis, on their way to RB, from Quebec City, Canada, and enjoyed seeing them again when we got settled in Red Bay. Waiting on service, we took a tour of the downtown Red Bay Museum. Red Bay has celebrated their 100 year birthday just a few years ago. In another journal I mentioned this was Tammy Wynette's home area, so the museum has dedicated almost a half of the second floor to her memorabilia. You don't meet too many old-timers in this area who didn't know her personally. In Florence, AL, I commented about all the pictures of Tammy and George, and was told the owner of the restaurant did Tammy's hair over for over 25 years. Anyway, Tammy's last husband, George Richie, and his new wife (an ex-Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader)still come in with their little girl. Whoa!

It's Homecoming weekend in Red Bay, so we have to leave before the homecoming parade begins downtown. We've accomplished everything on our list, and look forward to moving over to McFarland Park, a city park on the Tennessee River, in the beautiful town of Florence, AL. (home of W.C.Handy).
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