Sunday, July 25, 2010


As we mentioned in the last blog, we are traveling with the DeCarlo's and have seen many interesting things.   When I sat down to write our blog today everything on the blog was 
 lime green.  Yeek!  All I could think is "What is going on?"  The text is there; however, the background was a sickening green, and I was sick too..  I've heard horror stories from others about things that have happened to their blogs, and although you try to be very careful, it isn't possible to protect everything.  So that's why the appearance has changed - until I can find out what is going on.   

The beautiful State of Kentucky is a state we'd like to visit again for a longer period of time.  We said that  last year when we visited Bardstown,  Bowling Green,  Elizabethtown,  Louisville, and other interesting cities and towns.  After a few enjoyable days, we're ready to leave Renfro Valley, and travel 150 miles north to Cincinnati, Ohio.   RV and I enjoyed going to the Great American Ball Park, Paul Brown Stadium, and the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.  We would have stayed in Lexington, KY, where so many beautiful equestrian farms are located; however, Indiana beckons and we're impatient to arrive in Amish Country.   Lexington is preparing for  the 2010 Alltech FEI Equestrian Games beginnning September 30, 2010, at the Kentucky Horse Farm and surrounding area, and it will be impossible to get reservations anywhere.  

One of the photos is of the Frish's Big Boy!  Didn't impress anyone but me, I guess.  It had been years since I had seen that little fellow...and Big Boy's are all over Ohio.  So we splurged and enjoyed Big Boys and onion rings!  Tourists!  Has anyone ever heard of Cincinnati chili?!  Cincinnati chili is a most unconventional chili sold in several restaurants up here....with lots of cheese on top.  The most popular place to get it seems to be Skyline Chili - located everywhere in Cincinnati.  Do you like chocolate, nutmeg or spaghetti in your chili....guess we'll have to try it; apparently there are many choices.  Please follow the link above if interested.   

We stayed a couple of days in the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Campground in Cincinnati, OH.  FMCA is the national  organization that many RVers belong because they cherish the same lifestyle we enjoy, or  they may just be adventuresome and curious folks.  You must own a Class A, B, or C motorhome, or a bus conversion, that contain all the conveniences of home.  We decided to stay in their campground, with full hookups, at the FMCA Headquarters (at their bulk mail facility location) and found it to be very convenient to travel downtown as well as shop in the area surrounding the township of Newtown. You can stay in the campground for 2 nights free (per month) and $20 per night thereafter.  They offer level sites, full hookups, security, as well as convenience to major shopping areas.  

FMCA publishes a very interesting and educational magazine for members and I recently submitted a response to the question "What's the best Italian restaurant you've discovered in your motorhome travels that you would recommend to other RVers?"  Wow, was I shocked!!...they picked mine!  Put an extra $25 in my wallet - I wrote about Trattoria de Ricatoni's on Court Street in Florence, Alabama, and it was published in the June issue.   As George Miller once quipped, "The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you're hungry again."  Amen.
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