Sunday, October 23, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Beware of gangs on US 98

We're having a great time discovering the beauty and history of  US Highway 98 as we drive east and once again experience our favorite time zone -  Eastern Standard Time (EST). Since we left the Destin area on Friday, we followed old highway US 98 through Panama City, Tyndall AFB, Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe Beach, Port St. Joe, Appalachicola, etc. Our reservations are at a beautiful campground in Carrabelle Beach, FL - Carrabelle Beach RV Resort. What a gem....however, we'd like to share what happened to us so it doesn't happen to you!!!!

Today, we found a great local fish merchant. We purchased freshly caught local grouper and local extra large Florida shrimp, and returned to the coach to cook out on a perfectly clear October Fall evening.  So beautiful...we are definitely excited about preparing and enjoying our fresh seafood that had been swimming in the Bay this morning.
"Oh boy, looks like my dinner is here!"

After cooking outside for a few minutes, a beautiful black and white cat appears. What a flirt!!  At this point I'm going in and out of the coach bringing this and that!  Unbeknownst to us, the cat has apparently zoned in on something, namely our dinner.  "Hmmm", RV says.  "Meow, meeowww, MEEOOWWWWW!",  is suddenly all around us, and loving us as if we have known each other for years.  What a nice cat...(we don't give an inch)...Sorry, cat, we don't have anything you'd like, and I continue to take provisions in, seafood out, seafood in...trying to finish as quick as possible.    Mind you, RV is at the picnic table cooking (he's head chef tonight), and I'm the only one going in and out.   A few minutes later I go in the coach to get the last batch of seafood, and something furry brushes against my leg.  I look down (I thought the black and white cat may have followed me), and now there's an unfamiliar black cat (oh no!) coming from our bedroom area. Friendly, not at all skiddish, the cat follows me out the coach door, never hesitating... like he's done this before.  This is definitely a very seasoned, smooth-talker and experienced black cat who has just wandered through our coach while we weren't looking, and is now hustling us for a handout.  How long has this cat been in our coach?  How did he get here in the first place???
WWFF - "Will Work For Fish"
We have it figured  out.... the other cat was a lookout and distracted us. organized cat gang! 

Just a warning. This is the first time we've experienced organized cat gangs, but we are in the Forgotten Coast of Florida.  Beware.  Don't fall for that first meow...there are many more to follow.  We have tried to get rid of all the evidence; in the meantime these cats are outside our coach waiting for us to reveal whatever leftovers we may have.  Just thought you'd like to know.

Post note:  This morning we left for a walk on Carrabelle Beach just as a beautiful sunrise appeared in the East, and here come those shifty-eyed cats.  They weren't too far away from the coach waiting on us..., or whoever goes outside first, I'm sure.

It's going to be a great day!  We leave Carrabelle Beach tomorrow and will be in Green Cove Springs tomorrow night.  By the way, it's that time of year again when the local skies around here fill up with migrating insects.  Just like a lot of our friends (the snowbirds), these insects are heading south for the winter to avoid the cold.  These insects are migrating over the Appalachicola Bay over the Gulf of Mexico on their way to South Florida (dragonflies, Gulf Fritillary, Skippers and Cloudless Sulphurs) or to Mexico (Monarchs).  We see them everywhere!
I never realized there were so many traveling together!  All you have to do is go outside around some flowers and it won't be long before you see some dragonflies and/or butterflies flying past you!
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