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Just a thought:

A sign on the front license tag of an RV in our campground says, "FREE RANGE HUMAN".  I've heard about free range chickens and thought, now that could very well describe many RV'ers!  A full time RVer's general lifestyle provides the freedom of traveling from one place to another (think outside the box, er coop).

 Some Free Range RVers  make lots of advance preparations about what to do tomorrow (OCD RVers), but just as many seldom make carved-in-stone plans because they like that tomorrow may bring many different decisions, opportunities and considerations.  Free Range RVers are rich in time and fulfillment.  They come from all walks of life. Some are young and some are old, retired or still employed, experienced RVers and inexperienced RVers, age nor size matters,  but a good attitude is helpful, and maintaining a good sense of humor is a plus.  Could you be a Free Range RVer and not even be aware of it?
FREE RANGE RVers are A Friendly Bunch

Free Range RVers - Lots of Opportunities to Get Together

Free Range RVers Try to Stay Healthy With Exercise 

Free Range RVers  - Roosters and Hens
Most Free Range RVers have the attitude that if we don't like the weather, our neighbors, the dogs next door, or the way the sun sets in our front window, we just move.  Just like that.  We can move if we're not enjoying the scenery, or even if we want a change in scenery.

Free Range RVer Pet

Free Range RVers - Lots of Opportunities to Meet Friends

Vintage Free Range RVer Coop

Free Range RVer Fire Pit
 Some Free Range RVers are so sociable they have enough chairs by their RV they could have an old time camp meeting in their front yard.  Some Free Range RVers have an ongoing fire in the grill or the fire pit,  just in case their new best friend stops by.  Some Free Range RVers display flags that designate their citizenship, their university, their state or even their family crest (or possibly their favorite beverage logo flag).  Most will go to the trouble to place a table cloth on their picnic table (if a table is provided), and maybe even seat covers.  A flower arrangement for the table is a nice touch, but not mandatory.

Free Range Rver  Setup
Patriotic Free Range RVer Setup

Free Range RVers Have S'More Fun!  

Free Range RV Patriotic Display at Halloween 

Free Range RV Flags Displayed
Some Free Range RVers have LED lights displayed outside for the nighttime enjoyment of all their neighbors. They don't necessarily have to be colored lights programmed to music. They can be rope lights that distinguish their campsite property line and helps keep the wild animals and critters out of the yard at night. Free Range RVers don't usually put the neon palm tree, flamingo, or shotgun shell hanging lights on the awnings in the evening because it takes entirely too much time to put them up and take them down. These items are normally displayed only on special occasions.
Non-Free Range RV Light Displays

Non-Free Range RVer Football Fan Display

Free Range RVer with Interior Neon Light Display
Free Range RVers may not know the day of the week, the time of the day, what time zone they are in, what month it is, but they know how many years they've been carrying on like this.  We met one couple that have been Free Range RVers (full-timers) for over 30 years and are still in love.  We're in our 6th year of being Free Range RVers and we're considered RV babies.
Free Range Canadian Geese Family

Free Range Road Well Traveled

Free Range RVers never have to say, "I can't wait to back home in my own bed!" after a trip.

Free Range RVer Bed 
As we began writing about this subject, the possibilities Free Range RVers face on a daily basis are endless.  That's another good part about it.  It's part of the Free Range RVer spirit (*knuckle bump*)!
May you be open to possibilities
May you be courageous and create history and 
May the Force be with you!

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