Thursday, September 5, 2013

WE'RE NOT SEEING RED................ BAY, THAT IS! (Bonus Added)

We're at Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay, AL for service on our coach.   While our door handle isn't being held together with duct tape (Alabama chrome) or bungee cords, it has to be replaced.  We accidentally locked ourselves out of the coach while getting ready to leave a campground in Michigan (cell phones inside, motor home engine running, etc.) Luckily, we were able to borrow a ladder and RV successfully made entry through a passenger side window.
Just follow the directions!

Main Street - Red Bay, AL
Many Tiffin Motorhome owners who make the pilgrimage to Red Bay usually aren't happy campers.  They are often frustrated because they are unable to obtain adequate service from Tiffin dealers in their local areas, and frequently wind up staying in the Red Bay area much longer than anticipated for a variety of reasons.  It isn't unusual to meet owners who have traveled from all over the U.S., Alaska, and Canada.   Many of the owners stop in Red Bay to have service work done while en route to warmer climates for the winter or vice versa.  Red Bay graciously welcomes all the money that is spent by the people who come to Red Bay.
Main Street - Red Bay, AL

Veterans Park - Downtown Red Bay, AL
Sometimes when people travel to this area of the country they have difficulty understanding the Southern English dialect of some of the people from northwest Alabama.  Northwest Alabamans have a beautiful dialect, but it may be a little difficult to understand if you are from another part of the country.  We were born and raised in the South and there have been times when we've asked for clarification, but we love the subtle nuances that make us all different, no matter where we travel.  
If you get this far, you've made it!
We arrived on Tuesday after Labor Day at the Tiffin Allegro Campground, and upon arriving we could see the place was jam-packed with coaches.  The campground host informed us we would be dry camping at least 2 days before we could expect a site.  If all the sites are taken (which is the way it is now), you are directed to a designated area to do what is called "dry camping".  That means you have no electric, sewer, or water hookups - you're on your own until a space is available, and if it gets too hot, just turn the generator on.  Yay, no cooking!  To get Express Service, which is all we need, will be a 4 day wait. 
Allegro Campground on old airport runway

Waiting for service
Tiffin Service Campground
 So, until we can have our issues resolved at the Tiffin service facility, we opted to stay about 10 miles out of Red Bay at our favorite off-site place, Custom RV, owned by Brannon Hutcheson, in Vina, Alabama.   We are comfortable, safe, and secure and staying in one of Brannon's  most luxurious 50 amp RV sites.  We are now genuine "squatters" and have told Brannon we'll be his nighttime security and we're sure he will rest a lot easier at night knowing that his place of business is protected.
Brannon Hutcheson - Custom RV - Vina, AL
 Bonus to this blog:  Anyone out there homesick for Red Bay?  Here's a couple of pictures that may make you feel better.
Downtown Mural - Red Bay, AL

Manufacturing Plant - Tiffin Motorhomes

Tour Entrance - Tiffin Motorhomes

Bruce Deaton's Paint Factory

Red Bay Paint Shop

Two old familiar faces

Sunshine Dog Food Factory - Red Bay, AL

Off-Site Campground - Red Bay, AL
THERE NOW, DON'T YOU FEEL BETTER that we're here and you're not?!
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