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We're "settled in" at our Florida "winter" headquarters.  We almost sound like circus performers from Ringling Bros.' Barnum and Bailey Circus who used to spend their winters in Sarasota from 1927 to 1959.  I always thought that was kind of exciting to have a special place to call your "winter home".  Since we are originally from Jacksonville, FL, moving to a warmer climate never existed for us.  In Jacksonville we have four seasons that are usually mostly comfortable.  When I was younger I remember seeing the circus people as they would travel to that part of the state.   Wow - how cool was it to see all those circus tents, travel trailers.....and animals!
Unloading at "Winter Headquarters"

The Sandhill Crane looks at us like we're intruding

Animals, Tents, Trailers, etc.
We will be spending the next few months at the Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort in Webster, FL, where we purchased a deeded RV lot almost 5 years ago.  An option, when we purchased the lot, was that we could build a small Key West-type suite on our lot which would give us a room to park a golf cart, a full bathroom, and a front area which would be used to entertain guests or use for visiting guests.
Highway 478 - Goes past Florida Grande 

Entrance to Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort

Entering Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort

FGMCR - Webster, FL

An Example of a Grande Suite - FGMCR
 Webster, a small rural town centrally located in Florida, is best known for what happens only on Mondays - for over 60 years.  The oldest and most famous flea market in Florida (over 1,500 vendors on over 50 acres), is open one day a week, where you can find  just about anything imaginable.  Weekly, we try to go to the produce pavillion where many local farmers sell their produce.
One vendor's idea of "Presentation"

Webster Flea Market - Lots of family pets

Local Farmer selling a truckload of Carrots

Another Webster RV Park's transportation to the Flea Market

End of another busy day at the Flea Market in Webster
As I mentioned in an earlier blog, 7 months was a long time for us to be away.  We have several projects planned this season and one of them will be to finally complete the interior of our suite.  We will wait until after Thanksgiving to start the transformation.  In the meantime I have to say goodbye to my art studio and move all my art supplies to another location.
Where am I going to put all my STUFF?

Another peaceful day at FGMCR
Many of our RV friends have already arrived or are on the way back to Florida Grande around this time of the year, and it's fun to hear about where they have traveled or what they have been doing since we saw them last.  Many who follow our blog know just about everything we've done.  Some of them say they don't have to travel so long as they read our blog.  
Our back yard at FGMCR

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