Thursday, September 11, 2014


After our annual Red Bay appointments we try to spend a few days making sure everything was done so we can feel comfortable about continuing our travels.  Over the next couple of months we'll be busy as we travel to a few states.  Upon leaving Red Bay, we stayed several days at Timberlake Campground on the Ross Barnett Reservoir close to Jackson, MS.  This gave us an opportunity to see some of the interesting places in Jackson and make reservations and plans for our trip to Texas.
Timberlake RV Campground - Ross Barnett Reservoir - Brandon, MS
Ross Barnett Reservoir - Brandon, MS
 About 15 years ago I visited the Old State Capitol Museum in Jackson, MS and I wanted to show RV what an interesting museum it was. It was nothing like I remembered.  After talking with several people we found tropical storm Katrina made quite an impact in Jackson, and especially on the Old State Capitol Museum.  This building is such an important part of Jackson's history and a lot of money has been spent on restorations. What I remembered the most was their extensive collection of artifacts from the Civil War and I was told that all the collection has been stored away since the restoration and will be returned some time in the future.
Old State Capitol Museum - Jackson, MS

Old State Capitol Museum - Jackson, MS

Governor's Mansion - Jackson, MS
After leaving the Old State Capitol Museum and riding around the Jackson area we came upon the home of Eudora Welty, a well known southern author from Jackson.  Another notable author from Jackson was William Faulkner.
Eudora Welty's Home - Jackson, MS
RV was especially happy when we accidentally discovered the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame.  We decided we'd go in even though I said I couldn't think of but one person from Mississippi that might be recognized.  Was I ever wrong! Not only did we have a great time in the museum but the staff kept approaching us to tell us personal stories about the athletes who had been inducted into the Hall Of Fame.   Actually, Mississippi has a rich history of very talented athletes.
Mississippi Sports Hall Of Fame - Jackson, MS
Mississippi Sports Hall Of Fame - Jackson, MS

Archie Manning - New Orleans Saints

Tyrone Keys - 1985 Chicago Bears

Jerry Rice - San Francisco 49er's

Dizzy Dean - St. Louis Cardinals

After a couple of days to relax we left the great State of Mississippi.   We made a straight shot on Interstate 20 through Louisiana to Texas and what I seriously want to know is what in the world is Louisiana doing with the money to repair their roads?  We've hit some bad roads throughout the country, but consistently the State of Louisiana has the most serious problems with highways in disrepair as any we've encountered. 
Shreveport and Bossier City, LA

Texas State Line on Interstate 20W

Dallas, Texas

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