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This blog was to be posted before we left Galax, VA.  When I broke my left wrist on July 3, it was not possible to type for several weeks.  I am still in a cast but want to catch up with what has been going on!  Note:  Five more days until cast #2 is removed at the University of Wisconsin Orthopedic Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin - then I will wear a brace for a couple of weeks.

My "Blinged" Cast
After arriving in the Galax ,Virginia area (southwestern part of the state), we enjoyed many interesting road trips, especially those trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We met our friends and Florida Grande neighbors, Ronnie and Marianne DiGiglia while we were in the area. We enjoyed many delicious meals together, and enjoyed exploring places we had never seen..
Galax VA Mural

Cool Breeze Campground - Galax, VA

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway
Wildlife is prevalent on the Parkway as well as beautiful unforgettable scenery.  Some of our side trips away from the Galax area were to Fancy Gap, Mabry's Mill, Sparta, Boone, Mt. Airy (Mayberry), Salisbury, Ennice, Fries and Hillsville, to name a few.

This photo brings back memories....right!?

Mt. Airy is full of Andy remembrances and a great Andy Griffith Museum

Hate to admit it....I remember when they were a nickel!

You can tour the city of Mt. Airy in an old police cruiser - with no a/c!

#1 Restaurant in downtown Mt. Airy 

Snappy Lunch - Andy used to buy a bologna sandwich for a nickel!

Remember Floyd's Barber Shop?  Still open!!

Downtown Mt. Airy, NC
 Galax was founded in 1903 as it was near a proposed Norfolk and Western Railway Line.  Galax is one of the smallest independent cities in Virginia with a population of less than 7,000.  The people of Galax are gracious, patriotic, and crime is minimal.  They are appreciative of tourists coming into the area.  A festival unfolds often in and around Galax - whether it is a national fiddlers convention, national barbeque cookoff, or mountain dancing. Downtown Galax is full of places to browse, lots of friendly people, and if you'd like to bring a lawn chair, you're ready to jam.  We enjoyed shopping at the place where mountain music (hillbilly) originated, Barr's Fiddle Shop,  No matter where you go in Galax you are likely to come to a jam session, when live mountain music occurs and is welcomed on a frequent basis.

Bring your lawn chairs and spend a couple of hours!

Downtown Galax, VA
Spending July 4 in Galax  was a treat for us.  This area has a lot of national pride, as with other small communities we've visited on national holidays, there are always many planned activities.  It was difficult to decide what direction to take  - the award-winning Blue Ridge Music Center on the Parkway, or the 4th of July parade in downtown Galax.

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