Saturday, August 15, 2015


If you are interested in Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and you happen to be in the Milwaukee area, a trip to the impressive  Harley Davidson Museum should be on your bucket list.  At the time we visited Milwaukee just about every motorcycle enthusiast was over in Sturgis, South Dakota, celebrating the pivotal 75th anniversary of one of the largest motorcycle rallies in history.  It was estimated over 1.8 million people attended this rally!  While we were in the Museum we met a couple from Florida who had driven into Milwaukee to visit the Museum (and were on their way back to Florida) from Sturgis.
Harley Davidson Museum - Milwaukee, WI

Harley Davidson Museum - Milwaukee, WI
Captain America's Bike - Easy Rider

Several years ago we visited the Harley-Davidson Manufacturing Plant in York, PA and just never thought we'd be able to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.  RV loved it, adored it....was in awe of every second of the tour...and we both thought the entire museum was interesting.
100 Anniversary Poster - Harley Davidson - Milwaukee, WI

Original Founders of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
William A. Davidson, Walter Davidson, Arthur Davidson and
William S. Harley

Customized Harley with 2 gas tanks and 2 separate
rider seats!

Customized Bike with LED Lights and Lots of Chrome

We enjoyed lunch in the beautiful waterfront Harley-Davidson restaurant instead of their cafe, and it didn't disappoint us in any way.  So much memorabilia was featured around the restaurant that it made it difficult to concentrate on our food.

Willie G. Davidson (son of William H. Davidson, grandson of Harley-Davidson co-founder, William A. Davidson), former Senior Vice President and Chief Styling Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company had an impressive art exhibit with more than 400 pieces of art and memorabilia.  You might say that "Willie G" is the face and brand ambassador of Harley-Davidson today.  The entire experience was interesting and educational, and we were so fortunate to have been able to visit and check this off RV's bucket list.
Entrance to Building for Willie G. Exhibit
Milwaukee, WI

Willie G. Davidson Exhibit - Harley-Davidson Museum
Milwaukee, WI

Willie G.'s Customized 1936 EL
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

RV Chillin' on a bike - 2015

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