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Since Ol' US had never been to Marco Island, RV and I were looking forward to getting a Marco Island fix and enjoy the island life.  Well just get back if you think this is a casual, laid back visit.  Marco Island has grown at an explosive rate during the past 50 years mostly due to the extraordinary vision of Deltona Corporation's Mackle Brothers.
Welcome to Marco Island, Florida
Marco Island, Florida
The Center of the 10,000 islands
After crossing the bridges into Marco Island very little water was in sight anywhere except canals and an area of a public boat launch we accidentally discovered.  The island, one of 10,000 on the Gulf of Mexico, is beautiful and full of vacation clubs, multi story condos, multi story world class resorts, homes, and tourist magnets.  There were 3 beach access points throughout the island - Tigertail Beach, South Beach and Residents' Beach, but we weren't aware of that.

Marco Island Multi Story Buildings on Gulf of Mexico
Marco Island Vacation Clubs and Resorts  
We learned the median price of a condo this summer is $475,000. for a 2 BR, 2 BA, 1,000 to 1,200 square foot condo.  Prices vary by location on the island of course.  Similar beachfront condos have a median price of $525,000.  Some of the terminology might be water direct which means there are no bridges on the way to open water; water indirect means there is a bridge, or perhaps 2, to go under and inland means no water access.  This goes on and on.  Homes on the beach have a median price of $8,500,000, etc.  We think we better stick to RVing a little while longer.
Residential Areas 
There is an interesting historical area of the island where a historic inn which was built in 1883 and was the home of Marco Island pioneer Captain Bill Collier, hence Collier County.  We had lunch in this quaint area and felt the $35.00 we spent on lunch was quite steep for 2 sandwiches we ordered at a window and our order was brought to our table.
Historic Area of Old Marco Island

Historical Area of Old Marco Island
While in the area we visited the next adjoining, more casual or laid back fishing village,  Goodland.  It was practically deserted since this is not "season", but that gave us a chance to see what exactly is on the island.  
No doubt when you arrive that this is a serious fishing village! 
Practically deserted in the off-season!

The Old Marco Lodge in Goodland, FL
Goodland is known for the quirkiness of the annual Spammy Jammy which followed in the native Indian tradition of warding off the coming season's threat of storms and hurricanes.  Spam, the staple food when there is no electricity to cook, and hurricanes always threaten the most at night when you are in your pj's.  So every June everyone brings their best Spam creation in their PJ's, and experience a bit of quirky Florida at Goodland's Little Bar - next year for the 25th year of craziness.
Little Bar in Woodland
Spammy Jammy Headquarters
This town spares no expense in throwing a party!!!

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