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 Okeechobee means "Big Water" in the Seminole language.  Lake Okeechobee, 730 square miles of water, is the world's most popular freshwater gamefish lake, the largest lake in Florida, and is most famous as a big bass lake.  The lake is 37 miles long and 30 miles wide with an average depth of 10 feet.

The old Okeechobee County area of Old Florida is full of character and natural scenic beauty.  As we've eluded to in the past, the future of this ecologically sensitive area of Old Florida is balancing precariously between the care and respect all of us show for this and other parts of Florida. Despite ecological advantages provided by aquatic plants to fishes and wildlife on Lake Okeechobee, controversy over management of vegetation continues among federal and state agencies that have regulatory authority.

Okeechobee, FL - Established 1915
Welcome To God's Country!
NO BAD DAZE - for your bait, tackle an outdoors
It was best we arrived at a time Lake O, also known as "Florida's inland sea",  is sparsely populated because (1) we probably couldn't afford the in-season prices, and (2) the fishermen take over the place - fishermen, equipment, boats, big fish stories, rental lots, boy toys and campgrounds.  But you get the idea when you ride down 441/98 toward Parrot Road, the main road that leads into the town of Okeechobee.   Our campground, Water's Edge Motorcoach and RV Resort, a very clean and secure resort,  is completely booked for the next season.

Water's Edge Motorcoach and RV Resort
on the Rim Canal with boat launch
Water's Edge RV and Motorcoach Resort - Okeechobee, FL
The Chickee Hut is where everyone congregates at sunset.
Water's Edge RV and Motorcoach Resort - Okeechobee
Some of the campgrounds and cottages leave a lot to your imagination and I wanted to post some of my impressions with the pictures that definitely catch your eye upon entering one of the biggest freshwater fishing villages in Florida.  Within about 20 miles of driving down the highway around the canal in Okeechobee you see about 100 or more fish camps, rv campgrounds, cottages, etc.
Journey's End - Annual Senior Rentals Only
Taylor Creek Resort RV Park - On The Water
Butch's RV Park - seem to cater to party goers and AMVETS
PJ's RV Park - Okeechobee
Summer Breeze RV Park - Okeechobee, FL
Some of the names had to do with the school or university you may favor:

Gator RV Park - Okeechobee, FL
Seminole Village - Mobile Home and RV Sites
Okeechobee, FL
Or just plain old anything to do with Okeechobee:

Okeechobee Lake RV Park - Okeechobee, FL
BIG O Waterfront RV Resort
Okeechobee, FL
Big Lake Lodge and RV - Okeechobee, FL
The Flying Cow is a grass airstrip designed for small aircraft, conveniently located near your fishing destination.

FLYING COW Grass Airstrip - Okeechobee, FL
We were welcomed to this area as if we were world class champion fishermen.  All the people we met were friendly,  hospitable and warm.  We left as friends and look forward to our next visit to this part of Old Florida.
The Beautiful Rim Canal that circles Lake O 
Another awesome day in Lake Okeechobee, FL

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