Thursday, August 25, 2016


Leaving Lake Okeechobee, FL we spent a few days in our winter domicile, the Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort, Webster, FL, running errands and acquiring what we will need for our next adventure.

Our Welcoming Committee - Sandhill Cranes - Webster, FL

                 Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort - Webster, FL

The Orange Shop - Highway 301 - Citra, FL 
Old Florida Produce Stands - Along Highway 301 - Florida
 After a few days with our family we depart and our plans are to visit another area of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico for a couple of days.  One of our lessons we have learned in the time that "Ol' Us" have explored "Ol' Florida" is that there is no way to see everything in a couple of months.  We will continue to write about our Old Florida experiences, even after this season of travel because these quaint areas of Florida are rapidly disappearing!

Seafood Food Trucks in Sopchoppy, FL
Scenic Highway U.S. 98 - St. Joe Sound, FL
Our travels throughout the State of Florida have made us aware of the sensitivity of our natural resources.  We commend our Florida State Park System and and our National Park Service and what they do to preserve the delicate balance of nature and continue to enforce the laws throughout our state.  We hope sometimes it isn't too little too late.

US Highway 98 - A Drive along the Coast
Ho Hum RV Park - Carrabelle, FL
Ho Hum RV Park - Carrabelle, FL
We enjoy staying on the St. George Sound, off scenic U.S. Highway 98 and close to Carrabelle, at an unpretentious and popular campground called Ho Hum RV Park.  We said "Good Morning" to our neighbor and he replies "Ho Hum",  and we knew we were in the right place.   Each day, from each unique and regal sunrise, until the last light of day, it is hard to keep your eyes off the activity in the water and the air.

Egret In Flight - Ho Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, FL
Shore birds, passing fishermen in boats, leaping mullet, giant schools of fish, passing dolphin, and fishermen at the end of the dock take up a good part of the day while one attempts to read a few pages of a book.

What's Up Dock!? at Ho Hum RV Park - Must Be Low Tide!
Another glorious day is behind us, and if the tides are right we may join the other fishermen at the end of the 400' dock and attempt to catch a fish, all the while thinking that if one is lucky enough to catch a fish it will have to be cleaned....and that is messy.  So just enjoy the camaraderie and mostly "fake" fishing, and breathe the healthy and clean ocean air.  This scenic area of Ol' Florida never gets Ol' to us.  We have been overwhelmingly blessed... again.

Beautiful Sunrise at Ho Hum - Carrabelle, FL

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