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Before our departure from Red Bay, AL we enjoyed an evening at a very popular hard to find locally owned restaurant that only opens on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  We followed our friends in our car because we were unable to find the restaurant a couple of times in the past.  How could this be?

Red Bay, Alabama 
Highway 25 - Towards Tupelo, MS
There are no signs/directions.  Our directions were to "Go to the dead end of the road outside Red Bay, turn left, go down Highway 25 about 10 miles until you see a building that looks like a house, next to a church.... and it's off the road on the right."   It isn't in a large community and you might call it a settlement.
This tower could be another landmark to find
Reeves Fish and Steakhouse!
The only way you know you have arrived
Reeves Fish and Steakhouse
 To find true Mississippi home cooking go to Reeves Fish and Steakhouse where you will be fortunate to meet people from Fulton, Belmont, Red Bay and many other places who travel a distance to enjoy the fried catfish, steaks, chicken and frog legs.  ( Did I mention hushpuppies?)  Every weekend about 600 to 700 people look forward to eating delicious fresh food in Itawamba County, in Mississippi,  just across the Alabama State Line.

Menu - Reeves Fish and Steakhouse
Reeves Fish and Steakhouse Menu
Before Leon Reeves realized his life long dream of opening a restaurant, the family had a reputation of being very hard and dedicated workers, especially in the woodworking field.  In 1982, Leon and his wife, Charlene, opened a restaurant starting out small.  Leon cooked fish the way he understood, and folks loved it.  Did I mention the hushpuppies?  When Leon passed away, his son Gary continued the tradition of providing good fresh food at a reasonable price, and it's no wonder people come from all over when it opens.

Front Door Entrance
We didn't know most people enter and leave through the back door!
Even with the restaurant in an active mode, Gary works full-time at Tiffin Motorhomes in Red Bay.  Gary credits the success of the restaurant to his faithful employees and customers.  Charlene still works and several employees have been faithfully working for Reeves for over 15 years.  One employee, Tammy Dill, has been working for over 26 years.  This is definitely a family experience filled with local pride and spirit.

Our culinary experience was well worth the trip on Highway 25 to Reeves Seafood and Steakhouse.  We arrived early and there were plenty of tables available; however, when we were ready to leave there were few spots available.   How did this place fill up so fast?!

No Reservations Necessary - Sit where you will be comfortable
A delicious salad bar complete with homemade croutons
Reeves Fish and Steakhouse
We've been told Tiffin employees frequently get off work and drive straight to Reeves Fish and Steakhouse as it gets crowded after 5:00 pm.  Now that we have been shown the correct way to eat Mississippi catfish (and their delicious hushpuppies), we will return to Reeves Fish and Steakhouse the next time we are in the Red Bay area.  

Old Friends - New Friends
We always gather around a table and usually food is involved! 
Our old friends, Steve and Karen Fischer from Virginia
Dave and Nancy Washburn
Our new friends from Oklahoma
New Tiffin friends - Randy and Pam Warner from Virginia
Our zinnia garden and nonstop butterflies compliments of The Nabers
Downtown Red Bay RV Campground

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