Friday, June 23, 2017


We stayed in West Virginia until everyone thought we were settling down in Lewisburg for good.  West Virginia kind of gets in your mind..."Country Roads Take Me Home" was a song we couldn't get out of our minds.   A tune you sing all day and don't realize it's permanently sealed in your brain.

Country Roads of West Virginia and Kentucky
We finally have to report a mechanical problem which appeared on the way to Lewisburg, WV  but RV thought he had it under control.  There was a hairline crack in our coolant reservoir (surge tank) and RV consulted with several high tech RV gurus (Tiffin owners and friends) who suggested as a temporary solution he apply Rubber Flex, a leak stopper.  Remember on television how the guy sprays the bottom of a small boat and takes off across the water....without sinking.  This product works as designed as long as the leak isn't under pressure.  Key word....pressure.

Our Cummins Diesel wasn't the only one chugging
up and down the mountains!
Somehow the Allegheny Mountains and the coolant tank had some conflicting ideas as we drove down the highway.  Our temperature gauge would elevate going up the mountains and then, thankfully, cool off as we descended.  The gauge never "over-overheated" but that was because RV talked to her the whole way,  I'm sure.   Yes, we left a minute trail of coolant on the turnpike, but most of it had leaked out before we left.

Beautiful West Virginia Turnpike
Beautiful West Virginia Weather
We found the interstate and turnpike roads in West Virginia and Kentucky to be very well maintained.  However, you don't want to get off the interstate because all we said about good roads goes out the window.  We made the mistake by getting off the interstate for fuel, and even though the sign said 2 miles to a diesel fuel station, it didn't say 2 miles on hairpin curves descending down very rapidly to the next small town in a 40 ft. motor coach with a tow car.  While RV was taking care of filling our 150 gallon fuel tank,  it was "SNACK CENTRAL TIME" for me, and I was able to refill the coach's snack basket with nutritious snacks once again. Okay, maybe "nutritious" is a stretch.

Whispering Hills RV Park
Georgetown, KY
Whispering Hills RV Park
Georgetown, KY
Whispering Hills RV Park Pavilion
Georgetown, KY
Upon our arrival in Georgetown, KY we were very fortunate to find Bluegrass International, a large diesel truck and RV repair facility,  only a few miles from where we are staying.  They repaired/replaced our reservoir issue quickly and BAM!, we are as good as new.  We've explored and stayed in the Kentucky Bluegrass areas of Lexington/Georgetown before, and love the scenic small town of Georgetown as well as the other surrounding areas.

Main Street - Georgetown, KY
Georgetown has protected the historical buildings
throughout the downtown area
Pure Small Town Charm
Georgetown, KY
Barn in Scenic Kentucky
Barn in Scenic Georgetown, KY
Our stay in Georgetown is to attend another rally of Tiffin friends,  rather small when you consider the last Tiffin rally had 310 coaches.  This rally may have 20 coaches and we are known as the Tiffin Travelers, an FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) chapter.  We are with other Tiffin owners from all over the USA, most of us on our way to an international annual Family Motor Coach Association Rally on July 12 - July 15,  at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN.

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