Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Upon arriving at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Farmer's Coliseum we were a little shocked at the size of this city in a city.  The Fairgrounds, in existence since 1892, on over 250 acres, has over 1,000,000 square feet of event space.  This venue pays so much attention to detail we can see why they strive to be the BEST in the country!

Indiana State Fairgrounds and Farmer's Coliseum
Indianapolis, Indiana 
Family Motor Coach Association Rally - Crossroads To Fun
2017 -  96th International Convention
 Our parking place was on the infield of the "Track Of Champions" horse track where we hooked up to 50 amp service.  We were curious how they could possibly park about 1700 motorhomes and everyone have room to move around.  Very quickly we saw an organized and experienced network of mostly volunteers come together and people were actually being transported on dozens of trams as well as golf carts and personal vehicles, soon after they parked their motorhomes in designated and reserved parking places.  As they say, this was not their first rodeo!

Administration Building - Indiana State Fairgrounds
Registration - Agriculture/Horticulture Building
Indiana State Fairgrounds 
Swine Building - Indiana State Fairgrounds
Farmer's Coliseum - Indiana State Fairgrounds
Indiana State Fair Covered Bridge
Indiana State Fairgrounds
Just because all these strangers were around didn't mean the Fairground employees were not beginning to prepare for the Indiana State Fair on August 4-20.   It also didn't have any bearing on the trotter horses that practiced daily on the "Track of Champions", just as they have for the last 120 years.
Artist mural at the "Track Of Champions"
Indiana State Fairgrounds 
Practicing on Track of Champions
Indiana State Fairgrounds
There was one thing that made an impact on everything - thunderstorms, lighting and rain for almost 2 days, a record rainfall of 4" in a 24 hour period.  What an unanticipated mess, and at one time it looked like we may need assistance removing our coach at the end of our stay - but it didn't impact our fun or fellowship.

Infield - 50 Amp Hookups
Indiana State Fairgrounds
 The Family Motor Coach Association Rally,  the 96th International Convention from July 12 - 15, 2017,  was appropriately named Crossroads To Fun
Program For 96th International Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana
This is considered an international rally because many of our Canadian friends come to these rallies.  As a matter of fact, when we sing our National Anthem it is always followed by the singing of the Canadian National Anthem.
The Frustrated Maestros - A most talented group
of FMCA Members - organized in 1981
There were a myriad of organized seminars, special events, hundreds of new motorhomes and exhibitors with displays, nightly and daily entertainment, ice cream socials, as well as 3 classes of ARTitutde Adjustment Painting Classes - It's FUN art...not FINE art.  

One of the finished projects!
ARTitude Adjustment Painting Class - Indianapolis, IN
Finished Project -ARTitude Adjustment Painting Class
FMCA Indianapolis Rally
Thanks to several of our Florida friends from Florida Grande who volunteered to help, we were organized, on schedule, and everyone had a FUN time and consistently produced beautiful projects.  ARTitude Adjustment painting class is scheduled to participate in the next international rally March 15-18, 2018 in Perry, GA.

Manufacturers and Convention Exhibitors
Indianapolis FMCA Rally
Indianapolis State Fairgrounds 2017
We were so busy making sure every detail had been taken care of that we decided to extend our stay in Indianapolis by a couple of days.  Indianapolis is an exciting city with lots of history and had it not been for the Indianapolis FMCA Rally we probably would not have taken the opportunity to explore the city as we were able to do.

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