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We spend about half of the year in Sumter County, located in central Florida, in a small town called Webster, FL. Webster is located approximately 60 miles northeast of Tampa and roughly 50 miles due west of Orlando and 30 miles west of Clermont. According to the 2010 Census Webster has a population of about 800 residents except on Monday when thousands of shoppers converge at the Webster Flea Market.

Our backyard in Webster, FL

Another beautiful sunset at Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
Webster, FL

We didn't particularly seek out the town of Webster as much as we found a place we genuinely felt at home.  Peace?  Oh yes, there is peace... except when our neighbors get hungry.

Certified Black Angus Cattle 

Our neighbors on both sides of us are registered and certified Black Angus cattle.  Turns out they have been good neighbors too.

Sumter County Farmers Market
Established in 1937
New produce probably picked early that morning
Sumter County Farmers Market - Webster, FL

Vendors can choose from about 20 different pavilions at the Flea Market

Two things never change in Sumter County, Florida.  The Webster Flea Market has been in business, rain or shine, for almost 8 decades.

Private dealers can set up shot on the Westside of the Flea Market
Webster, FL

Second,  the Sumter County Cattle and Horse Auction is held every Tuesday.  Webster is known for the flea market, but the cattle and horse business is a very important part of Sumter County, where boots, spurs and cowboys have been conducting business since the beginning of Webster.

Weekly cattle and horse auction in Webster, FL

Livestock stalls at cattle auction in Webster, FL

The Webster Flea Market is on the corner of County Road 478 and NW 3rd Street and is the largest and oldest running flea market in the State of Florida, located on 40 acres in an 80 acre compound.  The covered pavilions make it possible for the 4,000 dealers to prepare for the estimated 100,000 shoppers that appear every Monday from 6 am - 2 pm.  Webster turns into a bustling town with hundreds of day visitors.  The only police force will be on horseback.

Some of the 4,000 vendors are local but many come from all over and may have gotten up early enough to get here as far away as Miami, Fort Lauderdale or north Florida.  During the snowbird season the vendors are from out West and as far north as Canada.  Most of the regular shoppers get some great walking exercise.
Just about anything for any collector!

You need a sense of humor to enjoy your shopping at Webster!

Many vendors don't use tables - they spread everything on the ground!

Someone with a microphone announces "The West Side is the best side",  and another announcer gives a license plate number for someone blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

Through the years I've learned never to be surprised at some of the unique merchandise for sale.
Yes, this coffin was for sale.  Handcrafted and ready to use.
You can find just about anything at the Webster Flea Market!

An antique mall on the grounds has more than 80 stalls, along with a beer garden and concession area.  This is the place to enjoy bargains or add to your personal collection.  We feel blessed to be able to buy fresh produce from the local farmers as well as fresh seafood from the Gulf.  It makes good sense to buy local and enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Local farmers offer a variety of fruits and vegetables

The most important thing is that you are buying fresh from the farmer!

Fresh citrus is everywhere during season

How about some carrots for your horses?

While you are at the Flea Market take advantage of some of the reasonably priced food vendors.

Not hard to locate this food vendor - a large cow is on top of the building!

 A variety of foods, snacks and beverages are throughout the market area.  You may find American snack bars, breakfast, homemade doughnuts, sausage sandwiches, Bar-B-Q, pizza, Mexican vendors, Asian vendors, roasted corn and baked potatoes,'s all there and reasonably priced.

You won't be disappointed if you visit Webster and eat at the Farmers Market Restaurant, next to the Sumter County Farmers Market, where delicious country food is served buffet-style and opens daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all with a southern flair!

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