Friday, August 29, 2008


Some of our pictures of the Allegro (Tiffin) campground are below. We arrived mid-day Wednesday, in Red Bay, AL. The first time we came to Red Bay was to tour the plant where all Tiffin products are made. It impressed us enough that we decided we could easily live in a 40' diesel pusher with 4 slides. I think you'll see, in the next few days we're here, there is a lot to see and do. Some of it is a little unusual, but some of it is sensational, to say the least. Just put it all in perspective! Tiffin is really Red Bay; Tiffin Motorhome Industries, Tiffin Supply, Allegro Campground (on an old municipal airport runway in Red Bay); and many industries related to the construction of Class A motorhomes. We are settled in site 42 with a 50 amp connection and sewer (fhu) full hookups - what more could you ask for? About 100 similar coaches are surrounding us. Each morning about 7:00 a.m,. the ones who are to be in the service bays pull out and report to their service techs with their warranty or service items. There are about 50 service bays. There is a building you can go to where rver's have taken furniture out of their units and bought other furniture - and you can buy it at cost if you belong to the Allegro Club. Maybe they didn't like the sofa - and wanted European Stressless chairs. Or they want a different oven or need a different carpet. Also, lots of interesting people here from ALL over the country. I mean, everywhere! The day after we arrived, Norris from Tiffin drove up and took all our requests - about 50 of them - and informed us they will be able to get to us in about a week - week and a half. So, we are going to be loving this area for the next couple of weeks. We already have some interesting side trips planned. Red Bay is a trip in itself. The factory is open for tours 2 times a day - you can visit the completed '09 models as they are being manufactured, and see the latest and greatest in new floor plans and options. The campground is exquisite - just kidding, but it isn't bad. There is even a store to buy RV supplies. And eating places! We ate lunch at Swamp John's - best catfish in the area we've been told. Talk about local flavor. Ezzell's Bar-B-Q. You have to be careful. These are professional eaters and if you ate everything on your plate, you'd explode in front of everyone. The local Piggly Wiggly, another popular eating spot, is one of the favorites around here. You can buy your groceries as well as get hot foods from their plentiful selection on the buffet. Wednesday is chicken and dumplins, I heard. No one has made the top 10 list. Remember, this is like a "camp" experience.
Did I tell you we are on an old airfield? I better start jogging....NOW!

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