Sunday, May 3, 2009


We could probably talk about Milton Hershey all day long and not fully cover what this man did for Pennsylvania; more particularly the youth and citizens who worked in Hershey. Whatever he did is still seen everywhere you turn. His story and life is still an inspiration, and I would have loved to have lived in his time. (Can you visualize Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory production line?) Can you believe that in the early days, ladies actually wrapped each "kiss" individually? Some of the things we've seen that he built in the early 1900's is the factory, which is still in operation today, the zoo, the Hershey Hotel, the Hershey Trust Bank, Hershey School and home for orphans, the hospital which bears his name, and I could go on and on. The bulk of his estate went to help the children and the school which bears his name.

I doubt Hershey had anything to do with that huge monster roller coaster - we heard screams coming from it all day yesterday. A wooden roller coast - remember the Wild Mouse at Jacksonville Beach in the early 60's?! The main streets in Hershey are Cocoa and Chocolate Avenues. The street lights are in the shape of alternating chocolate and silver shaped Hershey kisses - how cool is that!?

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the charitable event at the Giant Center to benefit the Penn State Medical Center for Children at Hershey, PA.

High Meadow Campground in Hershey is affiliated with the Hershey Company. It is very busy, and we are here on a weekend, so it looks about filled. As you would expect everything is clean and managed well. They have approximately 300 sites on 55 acres, and are located less than 2 miles from Hershey Park. On one side of us are 2 couples in a 5th wheel all the way from Colorado attending a convention, and the other side is a couple from California, in an Allegro Bus visiting family in the area for about a month. People love to hear we are fulltiming. Occasionally you hear a gasp, like what in the world are you thinking?!! You mean you don't have a house?!! Yes, we do, and here it is.

We have seen the Hershey Story at the Museum. Very interesting and informative. And if you're looking for a great place to have breakfast, we just happened upon "The Hershey Pantry" - on East Chocolate Avenue. I thought I had arrived to have tea with the Mad Hatter. This is a must for anyone staying in this area. We'll probably go again before we leave, just to make sure they weren't "putting on the Ritz" just for us. It is small, and the tables are close, but the service is sterling and the food is delicious. The hostess and our server were plesant, making our breakfast that much more enjoyable.

We will be going over to Chocolate World tomorrow. This is where you tour the factory, get samples and buy product. I have a surprise to add tomorrow - please come back.

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