Tuesday, May 5, 2009


O.K., we decided it was raining anyway, let's go over to Chocolate World for the fun of it. Chocolate World is Hershey's way of really appealing to your weakness - for "kisses", candy, and chocolate-themed jewelry. Gotta be strong! Under the same roof is the 3D Movie, Trolley Ride and the Factory Tour. If you're going to find the buys on overstocks, it is going to be here!

What are we going to do with all this chocolate?!!! We thought about shipping it overnight UPS - no way, $50 to get it to you. Chocolate World has several very nice cafes - top it all off with a chocolate - "something", or a couple of "chocolate somethings".

Lunch was tasty, nutritious and reasonable, with many selections. Did we mention it is Monday and we are about the only ones here? Hello - we love it!

Then we head back to Highmeadow Campground - to get rested and ready for the trip to Lancaster, Intercourse, and Bird In Hand, PA - tomorrow!
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