Thursday, September 19, 2013


On the road again.  RV and I left Cumming, GA and drove about 150 miles south to Twin Oaks RV Campground in Perry, GA.  We're happy to report that only 2 love bugs ended their short lives on the front of our windshield.  This stroke of luck probably will diminish as we drive toward Florida.

One of the reasons we enjoy staying at Twin Oaks RV Campground that we usually plan our visit around a trip about 15 miles west  to Yoder's Amish Mennonite Restaurant where you may get a delicious  home cooked meal at a reasonable price.  After our meal we will probably purchase several homemade baked goods to enjoy the next couple of days.  RV enjoys their homemade cinnamon rolls.  Riding through the Georgia countryside the farms reveal it is harvest time. Isn't tonight a harvest moon?  The countryside is beautiful and in this part of Georgia there are plowed corn fields, silos, pecan groves, apple orchards, huge cotton and dairy farms.  Road signs of "U Pick or We Pick" crop up along the way.  Finally, we arrive and find out they are closed.  A sign on the door says, "CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS". Bummer!
Yoder's Deitsch Haus Restaurant and Bakery

Yoder's Restaurant - Montezuma, GA.
Plan B.  We'll drive a little further west to downtown Montezuma, GA. and look for a substitute.  There isn't a Yoder's substitute that we know about, but Montezuma is a quaint and small country town in Georgia and probably has a variety of possibilities.  Before we can implement Plan B we see a sign that directs us to take the route about 22 miles into downtown Perry.  We continue to enjoy more of the Georgia countryside and arrive in Perry to find a restaurant that had a menu of items that suited our hungry appetites.  Just about anything you could think of, including breakfast if we want, and the cutest gift shop.  Only one shortcoming - it wasn't Yoder's.  Oh well, Cracker Barrel will have to do.  Voted #1 restaurant by RVers for the last several years.
Country roads to Perry, GA

Large Amish Mennonite Farm - Georgia

Large Silo on Amish Mennonite Farm - Georgia

Pecan Grove - Georgia

FAST FORWARD:  We would like to amend the first paragraph.  A gazillion love bugs were plastered on our front windshield and front cap of the coach.   Note to self:  Do not travel in South Georgia/Florida during the month of September again.

We will be in Jacksonville (Green Cove Springs) visiting our oldest daughter, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren for a week.  This was a surprise to them and we managed to pull it off quite well on their day off.  Everyone ran out to greet us and all 8 of us were talking at one time.  Although there is a garage apartment we can stay while we are visiting with Kristen and Harold, we opt to stay in our coach, parked in their driveway with a 50 amp hookup.

We are PopPop and YaYa while we are here.  Those are our names chosen for us by our grandchildren - we did not make this up.  I'm getting "YaYa's Taxi" ready to take the 3 girls to ballet, hip hop, jazz lessons this afternoon.

Although we talk frequently on the telephone, it's been about 6 months since we've been able to sit down and hear all about school, activities, and what has happened since we were here the end of March.  Sitting down on the back porch we had a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy one of my favorite snacks - sweet iced tea and boiled peanuts.

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