Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hope we've seen the last of those pesky love bugs!  What a nuisance they are.  Below is the answer if you're in a car.  If you're in an RV you've got to clean those huge windshields all by yourself.  Sometimes RV is not a happy camper during love bug season.

We arrived in Green Cove Springs, FL, to visit our daughter, Kristen, son-in-law, Harold, and our beautiful 4 grandchildren.  Kenneth (14), Kiley (10), Kenzie (8) and Khloe (6).  

Our week was both hectic and lots of fun.  We tried to catch up on banking, shopping, visiting with friends and family, and always making plans for the next stop.   

When we arrived it was time for the girls dance lessons so I got to take them and watch them.  It is fun to see them creating their own routines and producing videos of their dances.  Kenneth had a regional baseball tournament over the weekend and they won!  While we were here Kenneth made the varsity fall baseball team at Clay High School - his first varsity sports team tryout!  

I love St. Augustine and when Kristen invited me to go to a Bachelorette Party for one of her friends I was really excited.  We checked into a hotel by the old Castillo de San Marcos and I loved looking out our window at the beautiful riverfront, the Bridge of Lions, and the carriages being pulled by horses.  We partied like rock stars Friday night and were able to walk to most of the restaurants we visited. Our best wishes and blessings to Kelsay and Caleb as they get married Saturday night, September 28.  Our granddaughters, Kiley, Kenzie and Khloe will be junior bridesmaids.

Yes, we are staying in the RV while we visit...not the garage apartment.  While it is the cutest garage apartment and is equipped with everything we might need, we prefer to stay in our home-on-wheels that has our bed, our stuff, and it would require too much effort and energy to move up upstairs.  

The week has passed by at warp speed and we weren't able to do everything and see everybody, but we are getting squared away for the next leg of our trip.  We're on our way over to the panhandle of west Florida.  Let's hope we aren't escorted by a contingent of love bugs.  There's something much larger waiting for us in west Florida - the monarch butterflies are migrating to South America and we'll most likely see thousands of them as we pass over the Appalachicola River Bridge!


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