Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This blog is for those people who are almost ready (or have just begun) their new RV adventure.  There are lots of considerations, preparations, and many things on your mind as you think about what would help you in your new lifestyle.

Almost 6 years ago RV and I began full-timing and it seems like we learn something new just about every day.  We must be slow learners.  RVers continually meet new friends everywhere they go, and from the very beginning we noticed that many of our RV friends carried business cards.

When we decided we needed our own cards we spent hours on our computer - we did our own artwork, edited the information, and printed them on our printer.  That was simple enough although it may not have been very economical after you consider all the mistakes we made in editing as well as printing our own cards.  It certainly served its purpose.  I wish I had one of those cards left to show you - we gave them all out!

A few years passed and we thought we might need to look a little more professional and we heard about a company called Vistaprint.  We emailed a picture of what we wanted on the front of the card and they did the rest.  The photo we provided was so far away that you could hardly tell it was a motorhome.  See what we mean?!...however, the pertinent information is on the card.   The price was reasonable, service was good, and the quality was just so-so.
VistaPrint Card
Recently, while visiting in the Atlanta area, we were introduced to the owner of Atlanta AdGraphics who suggested several different card styles to us through email.  We emailed her a photograph of our coach and then she emailed us her suggestions.  We now have a two-sided glossy card that contains our information on the front of the card and the back contains a photograph of our motorhome.  We felt comfortable dealing with this company because we approved everything before the final print.  The price was reasonable, service was fast, and the quality exceeded our expectations.
Front of business card

Back of business card
 If you are thinking about RVing full-time or even part time, it is a good idea to have a card to leave with family, friends, or businesses while travelling.  Exchanging names and numbers on the back of an envelope, a notepad, or typing it into your smart phone isn't the same.  On the other hand, if you have a business card your new friends will never forget you or some of the memories you shared.  

There are many reliable and experienced printing companies nationwide.  If you start thinking in advance about your card content, your printing company will assist you the rest of the way.  Our new cards arrived in a few days and we think they look terrific.  We have received many positive comments from friends and family alike.  Whether you design your own cards or work with a professional really doesn't matter....but exchanging cards with new friends is an enjoyable part of the RV adventure.
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