Sunday, October 6, 2013


A leisurely drive through the scenic coastal areas of the panhandle of Florida on U.S. 98 is very calming.  You can feel your body getting more relaxed, moving slower, and your seafood appetite increasing as you drive along the coast and view the bays, inlets and the grand Gulf of Mexico.  We have enjoyed the "Forgotten Coast" of Florida many times, and never get tired of the views and the opportunity to enjoy fresh Florida seafood.
Scenic U.S. Highway 98

St. Marks Bridge, FL

Scenic US Highway 98
Scenic U.S. Highway 98 - Gulf of Mexico

RV and I are on our way to meet some RV friends in Destin, Florida, but have allowed just enough time to stop along the way.  One of our first stops was in the small seaside town of Carrabelle, Florida, at a campground appropriately named "Ho Hum RV Resort" on the Gulf.  We are parked front row and center on a waterfront site.  Our site gives us the opportunity to see all the shore birds, enjoy the tides, and magnificent sunrises and sunsets, and we are very near the 250' lighted fishing pier.  Yes, I have a fishing rod and it is going to be so much fun! *backflip*

When we arrived we were warned not to go out to the trash dumpster at night because they turn on the electrical fence to keep the Florida black bears away.  They don't have to worry about us.

Florida Black Bear Warnings!

Welcome to Carrabelle, Fl

Carrabelle, FL waterfront

Carrabelle, FL

Ho Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, FL

Ho Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, FL

Ho Hum Fishing Pier 

Ho Hum RV Park - All set up!

Shorebirds - Ho Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, FL

Another day at Ho Hum - Carrabelle, FL
The first night we kind of sized up the dock and what everyone was doing out on the end of the fishing pier.  They were catching fish and it didn't seem to matter what size.  The small ones are usually pin fish and are cut up for bait.  The larger ones may be a red, trout, grouper or flounder, or an occasional stingray, and may or may not be returned to the Bay, depending on whether you want to clean the fish or not.  One of the benefits of being a senior resident (65+) of the State of Florida is that you can fish 24 hours a day if you want, or go hunting, and you don't even have to buy a license!
250' lighted Fishing Pier at Ho Hum RV Park

Ho Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, FL
The second evening, after dinner, I grabbed my fishing gear and bait bucket and walked to the end of the pier and immediately caught several fish.  RV came out later to see why I was gone so long.  We met about a dozen people at the end of the dock that night.  We all had so many tales to tell, so much information to share, and it was quite interesting.  Several couples were from the West Coast on the way to the Keys, a few from Alabama, Kentucky, Texas and of course, Florida.  Everyone was very helpful as to what you would or would not want to catch, and at the end of the night I caught the record number of fish....3!  As you can tell, the emphasis was not on fishing but on socializing. 

Too bad we have to leave laid-back Ho Hum, but I'm sure we'll be back so I can fish again.  Tomorrow we'll continue on westward on one of Florida's most scenic highways to Geronimo RV Resort in Miramar Beach, FL.
Apalachicola Oyster Warehouse

Downtown Apalachicola, FL

Apalachicola River Bridge

Welcome to Historic Apalachicola, FL

Bridge to St. George Island, FL

Scenic U.S. Highway 98

Scenic U.S. Highway 98


Susan Alton said...

Scenic Hwy 98 and the Ho Hum Resort are going on my RV bucket list.

Dave Petraglia said...

Great story, Marty Bug! Once again, great pictures, it was like I was there. Remarkable how you seem to get some really good shots, apparently right through the windshield of the coach. But where do you get a lens cover big enough to fit THAT!?

Steve and Karen said...

It looks like you and Bob are having a great time working your way along the gulf coast. Very nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great... HoHum time!!!