Sunday, May 17, 2015

YOGI....not YOGA

We're on the way to Bald Ridge Corp of Engineer Park in Cumming, GA (north of Atlanta). We decided to avoid Birmingham traffic and enjoy a very scenic Sunday morning drive through several small southern Alabama towns like Cullman, Gadsden and Anniston.  It was worth it to me not to have that nerve-wracking drive through a town where everyone seems to drive 90 miles an hour, and at the same time and I don't think they know how to utilize their mirrors in a good way either.

We chose an overnight campground that beats all the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Parks we've seen in awhile.  This one has been open for about 8 years and we always passed by trying to get a few more miles down the road before stopping for the day.  This one is located in Bremen, GA and is about 2 miles off I-20.
Without going into a lot of detail, because it isn't necessary, just look at all the different animals and activities for the kids.  They have a blast.  There is even a big blue Yogi train but I don't think they will let me ride. *sigh*
As You Enter there Are 2 Resident Parrots

About 5 huge tortoises - all marked with Georgia Clay!

Ok, You've Been Warned!  You really think it makes a difference?
Same for the Alligators - look like they are made of Georgia Clay!
Chickens with Lots of Funny Feathers

Lots of Water Features - Loads of Kids...and me.
Looks like a lot of fun!
Why didn't my parents bring me here?

Ranger Rick knocked on our coach door and  thought we might be interested in visiting with him and his boa constrictor.  Boy, was he ever mistaken.  I went outside *smiling*  to be nice while  RV was looking for one of  his guns.  The snake is like a member of their family, if you can believe that.  In fact, it seems that all these animals love the attention they get.  

Ranger Rick knocked on our door with his pet boa constrictor.

We'll be out of here tomorrow morning for about a two hour trip.  Next weekend is the big one for this campground.  Imagine all the fun we're  going to miss next weekend (Memorial Day) while hundreds of children are running all over the campground.  LOL!

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