Sunday, May 17, 2015


I have always enjoyed going to different countries and enjoying their particular foods, whatever it was.  Even if it was unusual looking I felt I could at least take a bite and try not to insult anyone.  One little bite couldn't hurt you.  It's usually the thought of it that takes a bite out of you!

This morning we are making our preparations to leave Red Bay, Alabama, after a week of repairs, touch ups, modifications and a couple of tweeks here and there.  Since we are going to get away early this morning we decided a local breakfast (just a take out) would be easier than preparing a typical breakfast on the coach. 
Main Street - Red Bay, Alabama
I went to the busiest gas station/breakfast place close to us.  I've never tried their food, but there are dozens of cars every weekday morning stopping on the way to work.  The sign outside said they served fried bologna could I go wrong?   It was extremely slow because it is early Sunday morning, and I am deciding what to order.  RV wants something smaller - semi-healthier - sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.  I order the hungry cowgirl, er., Tammy Wynette breakfast .... scrambled eggs, bacon, grits and biscuit.  We WERE on a healthy diet/lifestyle but we'll splurge just this one meal today.  The lady behind the counter says, "Would you like chocolate gravy with that?"  I told her I had never heard of chocolate gravy and would that be like red eye gravy?  "No, she says, that is like M&M's melted with Hershey chocolate bars and served over a biscuit." I'm thinking:  Are you kidding me?  She hands me a plastic spoon coated with her chocolate gravy, and I agree, it is exactly as she described it.  I said, "Sure, give me some chocolate gravy over a biscuit,"   RV isn't going to believe this.  Mission accomplished.  
Cowgirl Breakfast - White Gravy
Just about to take my first bite of CHOCOLATE GRAVY!
Today, breakfast was a new experience.  About 4 tablespoonfuls of that chocolate gravy was like a sugar bomb, my heart is ricocheting in my chest, wobbly knees and shortness of breath...she even told me how to make it in the event you would like to experiment.  3 - 2 - 1.  The ratio of sugar/flour/cocoa.  It looks like this is the morning carb of choice, a stick to your ribs kind of thing.  I can see it being like an early morning birthday cake.  Fluffy biscuit/chocolate gravy.  Ummmmmmm. But not my cup of tea.
Chocolate Gravy - Sweet and Savory (served with bacon)
  Forgot to say, you need savory to go with this sweetness, so guess what, she threw in a couple more strips of bacon.  Thank you very much. This wasn't on my bucket list but I'm going to check it off anyway.  We've had a great annual pilgrimage to Red Bay this year.  We enjoyed seeing lots of old friends, (thank you to the Page's, Nabor's, Fischer's and Hutcheson's)  and made great memories that I'll document in another blog.  We'll look forward to seeing them next year, if not before.  Safe travels everyone.  
Beautiful Walking Roads in Red Bay, AL - one block from Downtown RV Campground
Red Bay, AL
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