Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SAD CATCHERWOMAN - too windy to fish at Ho Hum!

Getting on the road and anticipating what you're going to need for about the next 5 or 6 months takes some organization.  We have a small cottage, suite, etc. at Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort in Webster, FL, and it goes through a major transition when we start storing everything we don't want to take.
Our winter residence at Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort
Webster, FL
Our back yard at Florida Grande - our neighbors are black angus cattle.
Leaving Webster, we travelled 3 hours north to Green Cove Springs, to visit our oldest daughter, Kristen, son-in-law, Harold, and our 4 beautiful a pre-Mother's Day celebration. From Saturday morning until Monday morning when we departed, we attended a southeast U.S. cheerleading competition in Jacksonville,
Fleming Island Competition Cheerleaders - 2015

 a soccer game, a combined, rolled into one birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day celebration at Tree Steak House, an appointment for Kristen and I for a mani-pedi, and it seems like hundreds of other activities, all simultaneously.  It was hard for us to say goodbye on Monday morning, but getting everyone off to school on time overshadowed any tears and sad goodbyes.  I hope everyone made it to school on time.  We will be back to celebrate Halloween!

We ended a non-eventful 250-plus miles to Carrabelle, FL, at a campground we have stayed several times.  The foul weather up north has been an economic shot in the arm for one of our favorite no-frills campgrounds - Ho Hum RV Park.  It was difficult to get a reservation because everyone loves this laid back lifestyle.   I brought fish bait and a rod and reel and then the wind picked up so that the water was so stirred up the only fish biting were catfish.  I reluctantly gave my dead shrimp bait to our new friend next door who was very appreciative
Entrance to Ho Hum RV Park - Carrabelle, FL
Front row of Ho Hum - you have a view of Dog Island
We are at Ho Hum Campground for 2 nights until we point our coach in the direction of Florence, AL, but we found a new seafood restaurant - The Pearl - not fancy but it is a pearl.   Delicious local oysters on the half shell, fried Gulf shrimp, oysters and scallops, homemade tartar sauce, hushpuppies, and slaw.  We thought we might have enough to take home for dinner.  Key word: THOUGHT. 
Nothing fancy in Carrabelle, FL

Just another Ho Hum afternoon

We usually stay at Ho Hum towards the end of late October.  Note to self - coming at the end of a successful season is a good idea.  Restaurants are still open and lots of activity and inventory are still in the shops.
Get Hooked in Carrabelle!

Carrabelle, FL Downtown

Sorry I can't post a trophy fish photo on this leg of our trip.  Maybe next stop when we're near the water.  BTW, it was explained to me by one of the local fishermen in Carrabelle that they don't fish here....they catch....thus, I am a SAD CATCHERWOMAN since I was unable to fish because of the weather.

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