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Usually we stay at a campground within close proximity to several cities such as we did when we arrived in Iowa.  Iowa is a beautiful and historical state.  We stayed in Center Point which is centrally located to Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Dyersville, Anamosa, and The Amana Colonies before moving further south..
"Fields Of Opportunities" - Iowa
Beautiful Iowa!

Waterloo, Iowa, located alongside the Cedar River, is such an interesting city. We visited the  John Deere Factory and Engine Museum, and, believe it or not, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame/Dan Gable Museum and the Sullivan Brothers Veterans Museum. Each museum visit could have taken much longer, but you have to choose what you think is most interesting and historical.
The John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum
Waterloo, Iowa

John Deere Tractor
Waterloo, Iowa
Before you think we were nuts to go to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, just know we have fond memories of wrestling in Jacksonville at the Beaver Street Arena and the  Coliseum since we were very young.  Names like Lou Thesz, Haystacks Calhoun, Andre The Giant, Eddie Graham, Mike Curtis, Argentine Rocca, The Von Brauner Brothers and Gentleman Saul, their manager, Primo Carnera, Gorgeous George, Buddy Rodgers, etc,, The National Wrestling Hall of Fame is as importantly a museum to honor an Iowan, a great Olympic wrestling champion, Dan Gable. The museum had so many wrestling items on display, as well as a wrestling arena.  RV enjoyed the entire experience and recognized so many of the former champions and superstars.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame
Dan Gable Museum
Waterloo, Iowa
Andre The Giant ....Do you know the others?

We always have time to honor our vets, particularly since RV is a vet, so it was appropriate our first stop would be to the Sullivan Brothers and Veterans Museum, built to honor the five Sullivan Brothers, all serving together on the USS Juneau (CL-52), who were killed in action on November 13, 1942. The brothers had an only sister, Genevieve, who was in the WAVES.  She was the girlfriend of Bill Ball, whose death in Pearl Harbor, prompted her five brothers to join the Navy to avenge him.  After the deaths of the Sullivan Brothers on the same ship, the U.S. War Department began enforcing "The Sole Survivor Policy," so this would never occur again.
Sullivan Brothers
Iowa Veterans Museum
Waterloo, Iowa
Five Sullivan Brothers
Waterloo, Iowa
Statue of the Five Sullivan Brothers
Veterans Museum - Waterloo, Iowa

USS Juneau - CL- 52

Another interesting exhibit at the Museum was a special travelling Viet Nam exhibit in a special wing of the museum.   Emphasis was given to honor each branch of the service and recognize how they gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country.  To put it into perspective, this is what was listed:

Navy -            1.8 million served  throughout the conflict in Viet  Nam             1,631 killed in action
Army -            more than 4 million served during the Viet Nam conflict          38,224 killed in action
Coast Guard - 8,000 served throughout the Viet Nam conflict                           7 killed in action
Air Force -      1.7 million served throughout the Viet Nam conflict                   2,586 killed in action
Marines -        800,000 served throughout the Viet Nam conflict                      13,095 killed in action

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