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Dyersville, Iowa 
You need Google Maps to find this diamond!

A surprise to me was that a visit to the Field Of Dreams is on a lot of bucket lists.  This is the original, intact movie set for Field Of Dreams, in Dyersville, Iowa.  The movie, released in 1989, was based on a book called "Shoeless Joe", written by W. P. Kinsella.  To say it is in the middle of nowhere is an accurate statement.  You could embellish and say it is also in the middle of a corn field in the middle of nowhere.

This is the road - keep driving!

Definitely in the middle of a corn field!
The Kinsella's Home on site.

The actual Field Of Dreams Ball Field
This is where people come to relive their childhood innocence and fantasies of playing major league baseball and see that dreams can come true.
Live The Magic
Have Faith In Simplicity
and Always Dare To Dream!
In the movie, Kevin Costner plays a novice Iowa corn farmer, Ray Kinsella.  He heard a mysterious voice one night tell him, "If you build it, he will come."  So he built a baseball diamond on his land and afterwards the ghost of great baseball players began emerging from the crops, i.e., Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta) leading the pack.
Beautiful and Bountiful Iowa Corn Fields
Field Of Dreams - Dyersville, Iowa

RV In the Cornfields at Field Of Dreams Movie Site
Dyersville, Iowa

Amy Madigan portrays the wife of  Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner),  James Earl Jones was a radical author, Terrance Mann, and Burt Lancaster, who was Dr. Archibald  "Moonlight" Graham, played his final movie role of his stellar career.

In 1989 the Field Of Dreams film was nominated for 3 Academy Awards; Best Original Score, Best Adapted Screen Play and Best Picture. 
Field Of Dreams Movie Site
Dyersville, Iowa

It is estimated more than 65,000 people from all over the world visit this original movie set in Dyersville, Iowa every year.  We would have to agree this is worth the journey to the middle of a cornfield in Iowa.  Did I fail to mention all this fun was FREE?!
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