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On one of our many adventurous days, we discovered another piece of the puzzle of "Old Florida" in Indiantown, FL.  Although the Seminole Inn is only thirty miles northwest of Palm Beach, it is light years away in spirit and setting and is located in the heart of Florida's citrus and cattle country.

The Historic 1929 Seminole Inn - Indiantown, FL
Seminole Inn - Indiantown, FL
Baltimore banker S. Davies Warfield settled in this area in the 1920's determined to make Indiantown the southern headquarters of his Seaboard Airline Railroad (now known as Seaboard Coastline).  Along with all the other infrastructure, he built the Seminole Inn as a focal point.

Davies Warfield, Founder of Indiantown, FL
A piece of trivia is that his niece, American socialite, Wallis Garfield, (later to become the Duchess of Windsor), when she married King Edward VIII, and reportedly visited the Inn several times.

Wallis Warfield Simpson and her husband, The Duke of Windsor
(King Edward VIII abdicated the throne as the King of England)
The "Old South" decor is evident as you enter the main lobby.  The original solid brass fixtures and bronze chandeliers are molded to the crest of royalty.  The pecky cypress ceiling and hardwood floors highlight the room with a grace and style that grabs your attention.

The Lobby of the Seminole Inn
There are 22 guest rooms.  I had been told this is a haunted place, and upon questioning our waiter, Billy, I was assured the spirits were very active at this time but not to worry.  However, if you are interested, a YouTube video documents the paranormal activity.

The comfortable Lobby of the Seminole Inn
We especially enjoyed our visit to the Seminole Inn because it is unique and the surroundings bring you back to a time in Old Florida that only a few get to experience again.

The Windsor Dining Room - Seminole Inn

The Seminole Inn Lobby
We recommend the famous Sunday Brunch which is a country meal featuring home cooked vegetables, their famous sweet potato casserole (a recipe from the 1920's), local beef, roast turkey, fried chicken, freshly baked pastries and cobblers and made to order breakfast, Belgian waffles, fruit and a country salad bar.  Our seating was at 10:30 a.m., and while everything was delicious, I was comfortably full at the end of our visit and could have taken a nap very easily!

The famous Sunday Brunch Dining Room - Seminole Inn
The Seminole Inn Sunday Brunch 

Seminole Inn Sunday Brunch - All cooked as it was in the 1920's - Local Meats and Produce
 After our delicious meal, I walked around the gardens in the back of the Inn while RV waited in the lobby.  There might have been a lot of reported "paranormal" activity, but the only thing I saw was a HUGE gecko ...I don't know who scared who most, but I almost croaked when I saw the lizard with an orange head and green body!

Seminole Inn Gardens
Seminole Inn Gardens
The Last Train Out - Seminole Inn

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