Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I-10 going West in Florida
This morning we left Webster, FL to travel for about the next 6 or more months - something we look forward to each Spring since we have been full time RVer's.  We are excited about the future months because we have many exciting plans, and we leave our winter domicile with many memories of the last season.  For the next couple of weeks we will be in a caravan of three motorhomes with friends, and we hope you will enjoy and make comments along the way!
Our last sunset for the season
Florida Grande Motor Coach Resort
Webster, FL
We enjoy many sunsets looking out over a ranch that encompasses hundreds of acres.  Our neighbors are certified angus cattle for the most part, but our favorite is a Welsh pony that has become special and visits several times a day.

A frequent dinner guest
 Toby, as we call him, has learned how to work the system.  He usually goes up and down the fence that separates our property from the ranch and we all feed him....carrots, apples, and he adores peppermints.  Toby has the best smelling breath in his neighborhood.  We'll miss our view, the sunsets, and yesterday we spotted a bald eagle in the field for the first time in several years.  OK, take my word for it, it was a bald eagle a thousand feet away!
Do you see that tiny little dot....well, it's a bald eagle!
Today RV and I travelled to west Florida to stay overnight at the Triple C Campground, in Chattahoochee, Florida.  All I remember about Chattahoochee is a comment my mother used to occasionally make.  She would tell my brother and I we were going to "send her to Chattahoochee"!  I didn't realize it was the location of the State Mental Hospital, a very large hospital for severely and persistent major mental illnesses.  I didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but it wasn't a good thing!  By the way the Chattahoochee State Mental Hospital was the only State mental institution in business from 1876 to 1947, and currently has the capacity of over 1042 beds.

Triple C Campground
Chattahoochee, FL
We'll look forward to sharing some of our unique destinations.  Many of the places we'll be stopping will be for Attitude Adjustment Painting Seminars, possibly more art therapy on the road.   I promise they will leave you shaking your head, maybe laughing, but always enjoying what is over the next hill.  Hope you will subscribe to our page if you might be interested in following our adventures.

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